Chapter 6: What Does The County Do For Residents

What Does The County Do For Residents

The Camden County Government is dedicated to improving quality of life for all Camden County residents by providing a wide variety of services, programs, and special events. The Board of Commissioners represents constituents in all of Camden County’s 37 municipalities through close partnerships with local, state, and federal partners. County government is made up of many different departments and agencies. Some are listed below, along with a summary of responsibilities for each one.


Board of Taxation: Assists residents in navigating the processes of property tax assessment and appeals. Other services for residents include: 

• Assisting residents with property tax assessments and manages appeals for residents. 

• Maintaining a database for residents to search for property information such as assessment, owners, and sales data. 

• Obtaining assistance through the Taxpayer Bill of Rights. The board helps all property taxpayers receive the information and assistance they need to understand and meet their property tax responsibilities.

Camden County Library System: Provides a library of recreational, informational, and educational needs for all eligible library users. Other services for residents include: 

• Curbside pickup services outside all county libraries. 

• Meeting rooms for Camden County organizations and residents. 

• Classes, lessons, and events on many topics free to residents of all ages.

Camden County Police Department: The primary law enforcement agency for the City of Camden. Enforces local, state, and federal laws via responsibilities including: 

• Patrolling assigned zone and answering to 911 calls. 

• Preventing and investigating illegal activities, disturbances, accidents, etc. 

• Keeping general order and peace in communities.

Camden County Technical Schools (CCTS): Provide career training programs, academic courses, and extra curricular activities to students in grades 9 through 12. CCTS has two campuses, one each in Pennsauken and Gloucester Township. CCTS offers 30 career programs and academic courses.

Children’s Services: promotes and supports high-quality, affordable, and accessible childcare for all families. Other department services for residents include: 

• Helping residents find high quality childcare services for parents. 

• Assisting parents find financial assistance for childcare services. 

• Training and educating future childcare providers with the proper tools to keep all children safe in county day care centers and in-home daycares.

Clerk’s Office: Offers a vast array of services including passports, trade name registration, notary public, and property records. 

• Responsible for registration, election, and other veteran services, such as housing deeds, voting by mail, election results, registering to vote, and trade name registrations.

Corrections & Juvenile Justice: To provide a safe and secure environment for the residents and staff of the Camden County Juvenile Detention Center, with careful intervention, educational opportunity, and true mentoring. 

• Holds boys and girls from Camden County who are accused of delinquent behavior and are awaiting action by the Family Court. 

• Responsible for overseeing juveniles and helping transition to civilian life. 

• Offers many different educational opportunities and reentry programs for those in the center.

disABILITIES: The Division of Programming for Individuals offers a range of activities for disabled and special needs individuals. Year-round activities include a Miracle League Baseball Team, golf lessons, exercise, choir and more. Other services for residents include: 

• Offers support for caregivers who have a child with special needs. 

• Hosts many online and in-person recreation and programs. 

• Hosts summer camps for children with special needs.

Elections and Voting: Provides voters with an efficient election and voting process. Other services for residents include: 

• Managing all aspects of elections in the county, including school board, town, city, state and federal elections. 

• Assisting residents who want to register to vote by mail. 

• Placing and maintaining vote by mail drop boxes throughout the county.

Environmental Affairs: Manages programs and projects including recycling and solid waste management, litter clean-up, household waste collections, and more. Other services for residents include: 

• Informing and educating the citizens of Camden County about environmental issues that affect everyone’s lives. 

• Promoting and advocating for recycling opportunities. 

• Offering hazardous waste drop-off days for residents to safely throw away household materials that can’t 

be put in the trash. 

• Providing days for residents to safely shred documents.

Events & Community Outreach: Manages marketing and community outreach for all Camden County departments and offices. Other services for residents include: 

• Providing special events such as planning, coordinating, budgeting, advertising, etc. 

• Managing weekly newsletter and all social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

• Developing campaigns to educate the public on dangers of fentanyl, gun safety, health initiatives etc. 

• Offers hundreds of events, initiatives and programs for our residents to enjoy including the Martin Luther King Freedom Medal award ceremony, Best of Class, music festivals and more.


Health and Human Services: Protects, promotes, and improves health quality for Camden County residents. Other department services for residents include: 

• Providing free seasonal flu shots each fall. 

• Protecting residents and managing COVID-19 responses to protect the county as a whole. 

• Inspecting restaurants for health and safety compliance, and ensuring that all gas pumps are dispensing the correct amount of gas to customers. 

• Providing vaccination and immunization services at the County HealthFirst health clinic and mobile sites throughout the county.

Mental Health and Addiction: Ensures the availability of treatment services for people suffering from drug and/or alcohol addiction. Other services for residents include: 

• Offering referrals and information on addiction and mental health services available in the county. 

• Providing education, resources, and opportunities to residents on managing mental health needs and addictions and destigmatizing mental health needs. 

• Offering medication drop boxes to residents looking to dispose of older prescription drugs.

One-Stop Career Center: The source for all your job search needs. Other services for residents include: 

• Helping job-seekers with training and job search opportunities. 

• Providing training classes and job fairs for job-seekers.

Parks and Recreation: Provides and maintains 21 parks and 2,000 acres of land for recreational use, including ball fields, playgrounds, and waterways for fishing. Other department services for residents include: 

• Presenting concerts at four of the larger parks during the summer, free to residents. 

• Ensuring parks and open spaces are clean and safe for all residents. 

• Managing a marina on the Delaware River. 

• Offering programs and classes for all ages.

Prosecutor’s Office: Our countywide criminal investigative agency, which also conducts all criminal court activities for the county. Additional services and responsibilities include: 

• Providing our citizens with skilled professional investigation and prosecution of criminal offenders by using all available resources. 

• Enforcing laws without prejudice, and in a timely manner. 

• Providing leadership and supervision over chiefs of police and municipal prosecutors. 

• Prosecuting all complaints, suits, and controversies on behalf of the county.

Public Safety: Ensures public safety of all residents. Other department services include: 

• Operating the Communications Center, a state-of-the-art facility where 911 calls and texts are received and processed to insure the proper emergency service reaches you as quickly as possible. 

• Providing fire investigations in Camden County where arson is suspected or if someone dies. Investigations are conducted by the County Fire Marshal. 

• Training community members to take care of themselves, their families, and their neighbors in the event of a disaster. Training is provided by the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) .

Public Works: Maintains over 400 miles of County highways for driver and pedestrian safety. Other department services for residents include: 

• Fixing potholes on county roads 

• Snow plowing on county roads. 

• Manages permit and planning for new buildings throughout the county.

Senior Services: The Aging and Disability Resource Connection pairs seniors and disabled adults with the services they need to thrive within their community. Other services for residents include: 

• Providing seniors with opportunities for social interaction and companionship with their peers in a quality environment, through the Senior Wellness Center. 

• Assisting seniors with admission procedures, paperwork, and Medicaid guidelines for nursing home placement. 

• Providing free legal assistance workshops for seniors. 

• Hosting many online and in-person events and programs.


Sheriff’s Office: Provides a variety of law enforcement services and support, as efficiently as possible to the residents, visitors, agencies and departments throughout Camden County and the State of New Jersey. The office is comprised of many units and divisions, including: 

• Court Security Bureau, which provides security for the Hall of Justice complex and its 29 courtrooms. 

• Transportation Bureau, responsible for transporting adult and juvenile remands. 

• Bureau of Criminal Identification, which maintains photographs, fingerprints and criminal histories of all persons arrested for indictable offenses in the county 

• KP Unit, Bomb Unit, Emergency Response Team.

The Sheriff’s Office is also responsible for: 

• Enforcing court orders including foreclosures, and warrants. 

• Keeping the peace in our communities.

Surrogate’s Office: Responsible for duties related to wills, guardianships of minors and incapacitated people. Other services for residents include: 

• Providing free senior citizen legal workshops throughout the year. 

• Assisting all residents with wills and trusts. 

• Offering wedding services and ceremonies.

Sustainable Camden County: Promotes and practices environmental sustainability throughout the county, including residences, schools, municipalities, businesses, and for visitors. Other services for residents include: 

• Providing sustainable horticultural resources and information to county residents through the Camden County Certified Gardeners program. 

• Operating Tool Libraries in Gloucester Township and Cherry Hill for residents to borrow tools for personal use. 

• Operating a Bike Share program in Gloucester Township and Cherry Hill for residents to borrow bicycles for personal use. 

• Promoting eco-friendly and sustainable living options and ideas to protect our environment.

Veterans Affairs: Serves all Camden County veterans and their families. Other services include: 

• Assisting veterans to understand their qualifications and eligibility for programs. 

• Providing information on veteran benefits and compensation. 

• Bestowing service medals for veterans. 

• Hosting vigils and events to honor Camden County veterans.