Surrogate Court

The Surrogate Court was established by the New Jersey Constitution. It is governed by state statutes as the court in each county responsible for certain statutory and assigned duties and functions related to wills, guardianships of minors and incapacitated people. The office has its origins in English law, where the bishop of the region would appoint a substitute, or “surrogate”, to handle certain affairs. Eventually, this authority evolved from church officials to civil officials.

The functions of the Surrogate Court include probate of wills, administration, guardianships, trusts, adoptions, management/investment of minors’ funds, records, and wedding services. For more information about these services, click here.

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Satellite Locations
Gloucester Township
508 Lakeland Road
Blackwood, NJ 08012
(856) 225-7282*appointment only  
Voorhees Town Center
2120 Voorhees Town Center
Upstairs, Outside Boscov’s
Voorhees, NJ 08043
(856) 225-7282*appointment only 



(856) 225-7282

For more information about the services provided by the Surrogate Court, please call (856) 225-7282 or email


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