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Welcome to the official webpage of the Camden County Department of Health and Human Services (CCDOH), where we are dedicated to fostering the health and well-being of our communities and employees. Our mission is to safeguard, promote, sustain, and enhance the health and quality of life for residents of Camden County through a collaborative and efficiently managed community initiative.

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The Camden County Department of Health is your reliable resource, providing information, guidance, and support to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle in Camden County. We are here for you, contributing to better living and ensuring the well-being of our community!

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CCDOH core values:

Health Equity: Placing equity at the forefront of our efforts, we are dedicated to ensuring that every resident of Camden County, irrespective of characteristics historically associated with discrimination or exclusion, has access to the social and physical support necessary to foster health from birth through the end of life.

Communication: Our commitment to stakeholders and the public involves providing accurate, current scientific data. We also offer education and resources on the timely utilization of evidence-informed practices.

Innovation: Embracing a culture of continuous learning, we actively engage in researching evidence-informed practices, advancing our knowledge, and remaining open to new methods, ideas, and products. This approach allows us to build and expand upon the services we provide.

Integrity: Upholding the highest standards, we operate with honesty, trustworthiness, and transparency. We consistently adhere to ethical principles, ensuring that our actions align with the goal of achieving the best outcomes for public health and safety


Upcoming Events:

August 14th- WIC Celebration of 50 years
2881 Mt. Ephraim Ave, Camden NJ Unit 6-7
10am to 2pm (arrive 9:15)

August 22, 2024- Center for Family Services,
180 White Horse Pike, Clementon, NJ
4pm to 7pm (arrive at 3:30pm)

August 24, 2024- Bethel Community Park
1620 Cove Road, Pennsauken NJ 08110
10am to 4pm (arrive 9am)

August 24th- First Nazarene Baptist Church health fair
1500 S. 8th Street, Camden
8:30am to 1:30pm


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(856) 374-6000

For emergencies call 911. For more information about services offered by the Dept. of Health and Human Services, call (856) 374-6000. For a public health or an environmental health emergency, the County Health Officer is available 24/7 at (856) 783-1333.


Caryelle Lasher, MPH

Department Director

Virginia Betteridge

Commissioner Liaison

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