County Health Officer

Paschal Nwako Ph.D., MPH, HO, CHES, REHS, DAAS
Camden County Health Officer & Public Health Coordinator

Camden County Department of Health & Human Services
Di Piero Center Suite 506, 512 Lakeland Road, Blackwood, NJ 08012
Phone: (856) 374-6037

Dr. Paschal Nwako has served as the Camden County Health Officer/Public Health Coordinator since 2012. Under the direction of the Board of Commissioners, develops and administers a wide range of public health programs including, but not limited to, environmental health services, maternal and child health services, public health nursing services, infectious and chronic disease control services, public health laboratory services, and health education services. Responsible and performs duties as the County Health Officer of all 37 municipalities within the county as their general agent to enforce their health ordinances and health laws of the state and federal government. Dr. Nwako serves as the key public health representative in the local community, promoting the use of local health services, advocating for public health policy initiatives with local and state policymakers, and aiding local public health education and promotion initiatives.

Dr. Nwako also aids and assists the New Jersey Department of Health and collaborates with the State in county emergency preparedness response and planning, including implementing orders of isolation, quarantine, or emergency legal measures required.

Dr. Nwako participates in developing and reviewing local emergency plans and serves as the spokesperson to the media, public, and medical community in a public health emergency. Dr. Nwako coordinates the evaluation of public health services, problems, and needs of the public and works with community groups to help them recognize their public health problems and methods of solving them.

Dr. Nwako coordinates the development of grants, operational budgets, performance goals, outcomes, and measures that grant-related program activities are implemented per program specifications outlined by the grantor.

Dr. Nwako obtained his Ph.D. in Health Sciences from Seton Hall University. Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, now Rutgers University. Dr. Nwako is a Registered Environmental Health Specialist, Licensed Health Officer, and Certified Health Education Specialist in public health practice.
In addition to listed services, the Office of the County Health Officer also performs grant reviews and approvals for public health agencies, organizations, and entities in the county. The office approves the shipment of human remains for burial outside of the United States.


Camden County Department of Health and Human Services Reports:

Community Health Improvement Plan

(856) 374-6037

For emergencies call 911. For more information about services offered by the Dept. of Health and Human Services, call (856) 374-6037. For a public health or an environmental health emergency, the County Health Officer is available 24/7 at (856) 783-1333.