Environmental and Consumer Health

Through the Camden County Division of Environmental and Consumer Health, numerous programs and services are offered. They include programs dealing with air pollution, food and restaurant related services and inspections, hazardous materials (emergency response to spills, etc.), noise pollution, public bathing inspections, septic systems/water/sewer systems and preapproval of new systems, solid waste inspections, youth camp inspections, multiple housing unit inspections, kennels/pet shops and nuisance complaints. For information about any of these services, call (856) 374-6000.

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County Environmental Health Act (CEHA) and Hazardous Materials

  • Air quality/pollution
  • Mold (residential buildings, public buildings, air)
  • Hazardous waste spills
  • Hazardous materials
  • Illegal dumping
  • Landfill management
  • Noise pollution
  • Raw sewage complaint
  • Right to Know
  • Trash complaint
  • Water testing
  • Public Employees Occupational Safety and Health (PEOSH)
  • Hazardous communication

For more information, call (856) 783 4808 ext. 6001.

Housing Inspection

  • Kennels
  • Nuisance complaints
  • Pet shops
  • Multi-unit housing dwellings
  • Mold in my apartment

For more information, call (856) 374-6025.

Sanitary Sewer & Septic

  • Sanitary sewer
  • Septic system
  • Sewer system
  • Wells

For more information, call (856) 374-6064.

Food Surveillance

  • Restaurant permits and inspections
  • Food truck and mobile vendor permits and inspections
  • Pool, lake, and waterpark permits and inspections
  • Tattoo and body piercing permits and inspections
  • Tanning facility inspections
  • Youth Camp pre-operational inspections
  • Complaint investigations
  • Childhood Lead Environmental Investigations

    For more information, call (856) 374-6052 or email food.inspections@camdencounty.com.