National Public Health Week


Public health is more than just health care; it’s the steps we take to make sure our neighborhoods and environment are healthy and safe including the relationships we foster in our communities. National Public Health Week 2024 celebrates the role of collaboration, cooperation and partnerships in improving public health and highlights a new theme each day, giving every community the opportunity to address associated topics and promote local resources.

From April 1 to April 7, Camden County will be focusing on the following themes and topics each day for our residents and community organizers to learn more and educate others.



April 1st, Monday: Civic Engagement

Civic engagement, the actions that we take to identify and address problems, shapes our communities and how it allocates resources to support opportunities to be healthy. Get more civically engaged, vote to exercise your right to make decisions about your communities. Camden County is dedicated to ensuring that residents have access to information on voter registration, and the voting process.  The next time you cast your vote in person at a polling place in Camden County you will find new voting machines that will safeguard our elections.  

Visit Voting and Elections and you will find information on voter registration, polling places, vote by mail and what to expect the next time you vote in person. 



April 2nd, Tuesday: Healthy Neighborhoods

Where we live, work and play can have a huge effect on our health like having a safe place to live, without the worry of deaths, injuries, and trauma throughout our community. The Camden County Board of Commissioners invites you to make an impact on reducing gun injuries and deaths in Camden County by attending the “Be Smart for Kids: Safe Storage Saves Lives”. Click here to sign up: Be SMART for Kids: Gun Safety Saves Lives. 



April 3rd, Wednesday: Climate Change 

Climate change is the most pressing threat to human health. By buying less, supporting green spaces and transitioning to renewable energy, we can lessen the health impacts of climate change. Camden County regulates Single Stream Recycling, where residents combine all recyclable materials into one container for pickup. Over time, significant changes can occur to what items are acceptable and unacceptable in Single Stream Recycling programs.  If you are unsure if an item is recyclable and want to reduce our carbon footprint, click here to learn more.



April 4th, Thursday: New Tools and Innovations 

Public health is all about preventing disease, diagnosing health conditions, and encouraging health and well-being. Camden County is dedicated to saving lives through providing NaloxBoxes for Social Service organizations. Does your organization need a NaloxBox? You can request one by clicking here.

Save a life and be trained on how to administer Narcan by contacting our Office of Mental Health and Addiction, to register contact:



April 5th, Friday: Reproductive and Sexual Health

When people have access to quality reproductive and sexual health care and education, they can live happier and healthier lives. Here at the Camden County Department of Health and Human Services, we offer a variety of free and confidential services at our HealthFirst Care & Wellness Centers to prevent the spread of disease. Services include testing, diagnosis, and treatment of STIs, pregnancy testing, partner notification services, sexual health education and risk-reduction counseling, PrEP referrals, and HIV screenings.



April 6th, Saturday: Emergency Preparedness 

Emergency preparedness can protect you and your loved ones. Have a plan and emergency supplies to practice what to do. Consider how you can help local organizations support underserved communities, where disasters often worsen inequities. Camden County takes pride in educating our community to prepare, plan, and inform themselves on potential emergencies that can affect one’s family or business. Click here for simple steps towards emergency preparedness. 



April 7th, Sunday: Future of Public Health 

Public health’s future is all about teaming up — joining forces with unexpected partners from different sectors and centering community voices. This future is about tearing down barriers, not just fixing problems but preventing them altogether to produce equity. It’s making sure every person has access to the support and care they need for a healthier life. Learn about the Camden County of Health core values innovation and integrity  best practices in equity, providing accurate scientific data and information and education on the Health and Human webpage at Health & Human Services.