Voting and Elections


Ballot Updates for 2024 Primary Election

Due to a federal court order, lines in the Democrat Primary have been prohibited from use. As ordered by the court, the Democratic election ballot will be drawn and formatted in an office block layout for the June 4th Democratic Primary.

The court order does not apply to the Republican Party and, therefore, the Republican drawing and format will remain unchanged.


Debido a una orden judicial federal, se ha prohibido el uso de líneas en las primarias demócratas. Según lo ordenado por el tribunal, la papeleta electoral demócrata se sorteará y se diseñará un formato en bloque de las oficinas para las primarias demócratas del 4 de junio.

La orden judicial no se aplica al Partido Republicano y, por lo tanto, el dibujo y formato republicano permanecerán sin cambios.


Voting and Elections

The Board of Elections, County Clerk and the State Division of Elections work together to provide the citizenry of Camden County smooth and efficient elections. Each election office has certain mandated responsibilities under the law.

County Clerk

  • Vote by Mail registration
  • Accepting nominating petitions
  • Drawing ballot positions
  • Designing and preparing ballots
  • Tabulates voting results

Board of Elections

  • Boardworker training
  • Challengers
  • Certification of elections
  • Redistricting
  • Election recounts
  • Vote by Mail ballot counting
  • New voter registrations
  • Lists of inactive and disenfranchised voters
  • Verifies provisional ballots
  • Conducts voter fraud investigations
  • Maintains Voting Machines

New Voting Machines in Camden County

Integrity and security are essential to free and fair Elections. With our aging election equipment and voting machines at the end of life, the decision was made to purchase new equipment. The new election systems put into service by Camden County will not only ensure our elections are completely secure, but also easy to use from the perspective of our voters.

Here is what you can expect the next time you cast your vote at a polling place in Camden County.

  • Sign In: You will sign in on an electronic tablet device, speeding up the process and assuring you receive the ballot for your district.’
  • Your Ballot: Upon signing in, the board workers will give you your ballot. Ballots are paper and are similar to those who vote using a Vote by Mail ballot. You will be directed to a privacy screen where you will make your selections using a pen to vote for the candidates and questions by coloring in the corresponding oval.
  • Voting Machines: After you have voted your ballot, place it in a provided a privacy sleeve to keep all voting selections secret. A board worker will then direct you to the new tabulating device. You will then feed their ballot into the scanner where their votes will be recorded, and your ballot is securely stored within the device. This ensures that there is a paper record of every single vote that has been cast.
  • Ballot Marking Device: Every polling location throughout Camden County will be equipped with an ADA compliant ballot marking device. Voters that require such accommodations will be able utilize the Express Vote machine which will assist the voters in making selections on their ballot. Ballots printed from the ballot marking device are read on the tabulators the same as any other ballot.

While some see this as a regression from fully electronic machines, it is widely believed by election security experts that a hand-marked paper ballot are the most secure method of voting since voter intent is clear and each ballot can easily be recounted if needed.

We look forward to all Camden County voters having the opportunity to cast their vote for our upcoming elections!



856-401-VOTE (8683)

For more information on voting in Camden County, call 856-401-VOTE (8683).


County Clerk

Joseph Ripa

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Sarah Booker

Board of Elections Republican Administrator

Nellie McFadden

Board of Elections Democrat Administrator

Edward T. McDonnell


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