Medicaid Redetermination

Understanding Medicaid redetermination and eligibility requirements in 2023

During the federal public health emergency, individuals could keep their Medicaid coverage for an extended period. This continuous Medicaid coverage plan helped millions of people have access to healthcare coverage as ways of life were rapidly changing- where you work, live, how much money one earns, etc. COVID-19 ended on May 11, 2023. The government is restarting the yearly process of making sure people on Medicaid or CHIP are still qualified for these programs. The process is called Medicaid Redetermination. It helps make sure Medicaid stays strong and can serve those who need it most.

As a result, you may lose your Medicaid or CHIP coverage if you no longer qualify but will still have other options. You may be able to get health insurance from your employer or purchase a plan on your own with an opportunity of financial assistance from the state. Even if you still qualify for Medicaid, you may need to take proper steps to verify your eligibility.

Act Now!
If you have coverage through Medicaid, or if your children are covered by CHIP, you must take actions NOW to keep your coverage, or to move to another type of health insurance.

If you cannot renew your Medicaid plan, see if your job offers coverage.
-Ask your employer if you can get healthcare coverage at work
-Choose the plan that is best for you
-Enroll within 60 days of when your Medicaid plan ends

If your job does not offer a healthcare plan, you can buy one.
-Visit or call 1.800.318.2596
-Find out if you can get financial aid for your plan
-Use doctors in your network to save money on your plan

For additional detailed information, please visit: Understanding Medicaid redetermination and eligibility requirements in 2023 |

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