Fire Hydrant Safety


Filling swimming pools, filling tanker trucks and opening hydrants for “street showers” are all examples of unsafe fire hydrant use. Unless pre-approved, the only individuals who are authorized to use fire hydrants are fire department personnel for fire fighting, and City of Camden or American Water employees and their contractors for maintenance purposes.


This is important to our community, because unauthorized use of fire hydrants can:
• damage a fire hydrant and render it inoperative or lower water pressure, which can impede on the fire department’s ability to fight fires.
• cause water main breaks, which can interrupt water service to nearby customers.
• risk water quality without training or using proper equipment.


See a hydrant open?
Residents are highly encouraged to report any open/turned on fire hydrants by calling:
856-635-1496 or 1-855-769-3164, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. or
856-488-2041, After hours/weekends/holidays


Instead, visit a free community pool or “sprayground” in Camden!

Municipal Pools:
• Isabel Miller Community Center: 8th & Carl Miller Blvd
(closed Wed and Thurs for maintenance)

• North Camden Community Center: 6th & Erie St
(closed Mon and Tues for maintenance)

• Alberta Woods Park: 30th & Freemont St
• Clinton Street Park: 7th & Clinton St
• Elijah Perry Park: 9th & Ferry Ave
• Farnham Park: Park & Baird Blvd
• Liney Ditch Park: 4th & Jasper St
• Ralph Williams Park: 28th & Mitchell St
• Reverend Evers Park: Morgan St
• Washington Street Park: 4th & Washington St
• Von Neida Park: 29th & River Rd
(made possible with a $125,000 grant from the
American Water Charitable Foundation)