2022 Roadway Safety Improvement Program

Camden County has procured funding to provide safety improvements by upgrading guide rail at eight locations in various municipalities in the County. Existing guide rail at these locations consist of outdated materials, components, and installation methods. New guide rail is being designed and will be installed at these locations using the latest Midwest Guardrail System (MGS) design criteria and MASH tested guide rail components and parapet attachments. Construction will minimize disturbance, limit impacts to utilities and avoid impacts to Right-of-Way. Construction Activity is anticipated to occur between September 2024 and July 2025.


Site 1: Locations 1 and 2 – Collings Road (CR 630), Camden City, MP 0.21 to 0.40

Locations 1 & 2 are situated along Collings Road in Camden City. The limits begin at the intersection of Collings Road at the southbound exit/entrance ramps for Interstate 676 and extend to the bridge over Newton Creek. Location 1 is along the westbound side of Collings Road and Location 2 is along the eastbound side. There are approximately 650-feet of guide rail at each location.

Plan | Site Map


Site 2: Locations 3 and 4 – Kings Highway Spur (CR 551 S), Brooklawn, Gloucester City, & Mt. Ephraim, MP 0.87 to 0.97

Locations 3 & 4 are situated along Kings Highway Spur (CR 551 S) in the Borough of Brooklawn, Gloucester City and the Borough of Mt. Ephraim. Location 3, along the westbound side CR 551 Spur, begins approximately 150-feet west of the bridge over Little Timber Creek and extends to approximately 700-feet north of the bridge. Location 4, along the eastbound side, begins east of the bridge at the parapet and extends to approximately 600-feet east of the bridge.

Plan | Site Map


Site 3: Locations 5 and 6 – Bettlewood Ave. (CR 648), Oaklyn & Collingswood, MP 0.45 to 0.55

Locations 5 & 6 are situated along Bettlewood Ave. in the Boroughs of Oaklyn and Collingswood. The limits begin approximately 100-feet south of the bridge over Newton Lake to approximately 100-feet north of the bridge. All of the approaches attach to parapet walls on the bridge. There are approximately 100 to 120-feet of guide rail at each location.

Plan | Site Map


Site 4: Locations 7 and 8 – Chews Landing Road (CR 683) Lindenwold, MP 2.56 to 3.16

Locations 7 & 8 are situated along Chews Landing Road in the Borough of Lindenwold. There are noexisting guide rails present at the two locations. The fixed object warrant is attributed to the parapets of the bridge over Mason Run.

Plan | Site Map

Any questions or comments can be sent to:

Jim Winckowski, PE, CME 
Camden County Engineer
Department of Public Works
2311 Egg Harbor Road
Lindenwold, NJ 08021
(Office) 856-382-2699


Evesham Road Improvements, Schubert Drive to Clements Bridge Road, Runnemede and Gloucester Township

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