Special Investigations Bureau



The Special Investigations Bureau within the Office of the Sheriff :

  • Executes bench warrants and domestic relations warrants;
  • Conducts numerous fugitive raids with local and state law enforcement agencies;
  • Conducts investigations of suspected criminal activities;
  • Collects and preserves evidence obtained in criminal cases;
  • Are assigned to federal and county task forces in covert and overt operations involving organized crime, narcotics and illegal weapons;
  • Maintains communication equipment which provides the current flow of communication and information to law enforcement and public safety agencies;
  • Maintains current computer information dealing with fugitives wanted on criminal bench warrants and domestic relations warrants;
  • Extradites individuals from outside the state who are wanted on fugitive bench warrants;
  • Executes complaints directed by the Superior Court, County Court and Chancery Division of the Superior Court.

Currently, there are over 7,000 active criminal warrants and over 4,000 active domestic relations warrants for individuals wanted by Camden County.

Sheriff’s Most Wanted Fugitives

Domestic Relations/Dead Beat Parents

High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Fugitives

NJ Sex Offender Registry

Most Wanted Terrorists

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO APPREHEND THESE INDIVIDUALS YOURSELF! If you have information on the whereabouts of these individuals, call (856) 225-5283 or email us at fugitive@sheriffcc.com or contact your local law enforcement agency. All information will be held strictly confidential.

Special Investigations Bureau

Lieutenant Robert Plews