Canine (K-9) Patrol Unit


This unit consists of a captain, a sergeant, four officers and their K-9 partners.  The K-9 Unit is available to all law enforcement agencies in Camden County and surrounding counties. The canines are patrol/tracking dogs: three are cross- trained for explosive detection, and two are cross-trained for narcotics.

The Canine Unit is a proud member of the United States Police Canine Association (U.S.P.C.A.) Region #6, Philadelphia Police Canine Unit/Training Academy.  It has won national awards and has provided services to various federal, state and local agencies, including presidential security details.

The Patrol Unit operates in Center City Camden, patrolling State, County and Municipal facilities. Additionally, they assist the Sheriff’s K-9 Unit, Camden City Police and other Law Enforcement Agencies in their daily operations.

They are available to conduct field and building searches, criminal and non-criminal tracking and routine patrols. Requests for this service should be made to the Camden County Central Communications at (856) 783-1333. Requests for demonstrations should be made directly to the K-9 Unit at (856) 614-8071.

K-9, Handlers, and Patrol Officers

Captain Lawrence Brandley

Lieutenant Gordon Schaeffer and K-9 Chase and Joy

Sheriff’s Officer Mike Rauscher and  K-9 Recchi and Five

Sheriff ‘s Officer David Wright  and  K-9 Rokko and Zitta

Sheriff’s Officer Christopher Frantz and K-9  Cade and Lexi

Sheriff’s Officer David O’Connor and K-9  Raine

Sheriff’s Officer Daniel Krebs