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Jeanne, Cherry Hill
Is there any rationale that people who are receiving the third dose of the vaccine are more likely to be positive because they have received the vaccine?

There is no evidence that a person who receives the third dose or a booster vaccine is more likely to test positive for COVID. The vaccines do not cause you to get COVID or cause you to test positive for COVID. To the contrary the CDC data shows that people who are fully vaccinated with the booster shot have the lowest levels of new COVID cases. COVID vaccines are available Monday through Friday at the Camden County Health Hub at the Camden County College.

Karin, Cherry Hill
How do we go about securing no- cost Test Kits, and also the safer 95 series Masks?

You can receive 4 free rapid tests from the federal government. You can also receive a free saliva test from the State at, which comes with a prepaid UPS envelope to return the sample for processing. The federal government will be giving out free N95 masks as early as this week at participating pharmacies, which should include CVS, Walgreens and Walmart. 4 per person.

Antoinette, Berlin
When will the drugstores carry the N95 masks for free and can you give a list where they will be available?

N95 masks are being shipped out this week by the federal government. Currently we are not sure which drugstores will receive them.



Lisa, Gloucester City
Unemployment hold for 1 year! And we’re not getting our money that has been promised to us!

Kelly, Cherry Hill
What (if anything) can be done to help Camden County residents who are struggling to receive unemployment that is truly due to them?

Israel, Atco
What can you do to escalate the payment of late unemployment benefits?

Alnisay, Camden
Are any of my Representative on board with a Universal income proposal for the citizenry, due to the massive effects of the pandemic on our economy?

Pamela, Cherry Hill
How can I contact someone at Unemployment?

All unemployment and concerns must be addressed by State Department of Labor Employees. The only way for residents to contact Unemployment to address issues and problems is to do so digitally is to log on here: or if residents would rather use the phone to access Ui please use the appropriate Phone numbers listed here:

The main Reemployments Call center numbers are :
North New Jersey: 201-601-4100
Central New Jersey: 732-761-2020
South New Jersey: 856-507-2340
Out-of-state claims: 888-795-6672 (you must call from a phone with an out-of-state area code)



Alan, Lindenwold
How can seniors get food offerings if living in a senior citizens building but make more money allowed in your checks?

Camden County Home Delivered Meals program in not based on income. Any senior 60+ who is homebound is eligible. We also offer congregate nutrition sites. Currently this is on hold due to covid but we are planning pop up sites throughout the year. Please call 856-858-3220 for more information.

Carol, Camden
Considering that more and more people are required to use the internet, ie, technology, in order to communicate with government entities and businesses, what can the county do to help individuals become more proficient in the use of technology? Can there be special training opportunities available for senior citizens to receive such support?

Camden County Senior Services has just launched a free tablet with internet program. This is a senior friendly tablet which includes training. If interested in tablet please give Senior Services a call. 856-858-3220
Right now, the Library offers virtual computer classes. For example:

Hands On with Your iPhone begins January 25th. It is a 3-part Zoom class that covers standard functions and helpful apps. See Events | Camden County Library System Events and Rooms

Social Media 101, Gmail Basics, Microsoft Word: The Basics, Google Docs, Google Drive, and Computer Basics were last offered in December and are regularly scheduled throughout the year.

All upcoming events are on our website at Events | Camden County Library System (

One on one help is available using Assistance by Appointment at Assistance by Appointment | Camden County Library System. Librarians meet with a patron by phone, Zoom or in-person (when the library is open to the public.) Librarians can assist patrons with filling out online applications, attaching documents to online applications, setting up an email account, and using library resources/catalog.

These services and classes are not limited to seniors but provide assistance to anyone who needs help with the types of training that the constituent is asking about.

Betty, Camden
I live in the city of Camden and I’m a senior citizen, they don’t have any benefits that help pay for you to live in the city. When I have to pay bills there’s no parking for the seniors or disabled, you have all the free parking for the workers and nothing for the people who live here. Let the people who work in the city pay for parking.

If you need assistance with paying bills contact Senior and Disabled Services and we can take a look at your personal situation and refer you appropriately. Please call 856-858-3220.

Angela, Sewell
I am 62 years old and presently looking for employment as an administrative assistant. I am finding it a bit challenging.

The One Stop can assist in the job search process, (856) 549-0600

Irene, Lindenwold
How can I get help for an elder living with me that has no health insurance or benefits?

If you need assistance with paying bills contact Senior and Disabled Services and we can take a look at your personal situation and refer you appropriatley. 856-858-3220

Public Works


Amarjit, Clementon
How do I get help to pay for my water and sewer bill that comes every three months?

There are assistance plans through the State and the utilities will help you apply I believe. The American Water program is called H20 (Help to Others) you can apply through the website or call 211 for info on that and others. They may qualify for ERA assistance if they have a COVID hardship but her reference to not having a job for 4 years makes me think they may not.,1%2D877%2DNJAWH2O).

Manda, Camden
On Kaighn ave. we need speed bumps, the road by Camden high needs to be fixed, also the police do not respond in the City like they do in the suburbs

Speed Bumps are not permitted on County Roads, although we could explore other traffic calming methods.

Bianca, Camden
Is there a plan to have an online payment system implemented for city hall? This will allow for transparency as to where your paperwork is in the system, a faster process for zoning, permits and/or CCO’s. You can pay your taxes online and that same option should be provided for the items listed above. Currently, you are at the mercy of the employees who are sometimes very difficult to work with.

The City was exploring an online payment system (GovPilot) for Code Enforcement Housing Inspections, specifically for rental properties. The system can be used for many areas. It was never deployed and I’m not sure if it or another system is under consideration, but it is something that was, and maybe is being looked into.

Kenneth, Clementon
What roads are planned to be upgraded in Camden County for 2022?

You can find county Road projects on under public works at please look under Camden County Road projects or email

Anita, Cherry Hill
Is PSE&G going to repair parts of Kingston Drive that have deep ruts that were created by putting in the new gas lines before Spring?

This will need to be handled by the municipality.

James, Runnemede
When is the sidewalk in the area of Otter Branch creek on county route 544 (Evesham Road) near the PSE&G substation going to be installed? It is very unsafe for pedestrians to walk on that part of route 544. A sidewalk is desperately needed.

You can find county Road projects on under public works at please look under Camden County Road projects or email

Michael, Berlin
Why are the county roads in the lower end of the county? they are in such bad shape? Nothing has been done to improve them in the last several years.

In the last few years, Camden County has completed 6 road reconstruction projects in the lower end of Camden County and has 5 projects that will start construction in 2022
• Blue Anchor Rd between Rt 73 and Cedarbrook Road, Winslow
• Jackson Road between Rt 73 and Atco, Waterford
• East Taunton Road between Rt 30 and Tansboro Road , Winslow
• Watsontown New Freedom between Rt 30 and Cross Keys Road, Clementon, Pine Hill, Berlin Borough
• Berlin-Cross Keys Road from New Brooklyn to CC Technical School, Glou Twp and Winslow
• Lower Landing Road from Rt 42 ramp to bridge at County border, Glou Twp

The following roads will be reconstructed in 2022
• Almonesson Road from Taranto Ave to bridge at County border, Glou Twp
• Atco Avenue from Atlantic Avenue to Jackson Road, Waterford
• Berlin-Cross Keys Road from CC Technical School to Turnersville Road , Winslow & Gl. Twp
• Sicklerville Road, Chews Landing to Berlin – Cross Keys Road, Winslow
• Blackwood-Clementon road from Little Gloucester to College Drive, Glou. Twp



ShaDale, Camden
How do I get help obtaining services for my child who is need of an IEP?

Please reach out to the childrens department directly as this is a case by case basis. Call 856-374-6376.



Rita, Mt Laurel
What projects and programs in Camden County are being implemented when it comes to Sustainability in relation to the City to Camden?

The Camden Collaborative Initiative is a solutions-oriented partnership between governmental, non-profit, private, and community-based agencies formed to plan and implement innovative strategies to improve the environment, heald, and quality of life for the residents of Camden. You can learn more by visiting their website at Camden Collaborative Initiative – CCI HOME

Caleb, Cherry Hill
Is there a plan, or a directive that has been issued to the localities, that will help address the growing infestation of the spotted lanternfly?

Currently the Camden County Parks Department is conducting Spotted Lanternfly control efforts on county properties while providing resources to all county residents via phone, email or our webpage. Additionally our entomologist is working closely with individual townships in an effort to address the spotted lanternfly presence on those properties. Control efforts include pesticide applications and trapping and are all done in accordance with recommendations from the NJ Department of Agriculture as well as the US Department of Agriculture.

John, Hawthorne
If they would like to close the burn plant that’s causing pollution issues we have a solution. We can install a Gasification Project that will turn all waste MSW and C&D into electricity by high pressure steam. A Cleaner Air solution. We have already met with NJ Air DEP Emissions.

No knowledge of any plans to close the incinerator in Camden. Although this technology has been around for decades, gasification has not gained widespread use for solid waste disposal in the USA.

Lisa, Voorhees
Have we expanded our recycling program to allow for #5 plastics and aluminum trays? Ocean County recently expanded their program to accept these items so I am hopeful that we will too.

Plastics can be recycled as long as it is a bottle, jug or jar. A bottle, jug or jar is typically identified as having a more narrow opening than the diameter of the rest of the item. Currently we do not advise trying to recycle any other plastic items in your curbside container. Camden County does not currently recommend placing foil and or foil trays in curbside recycling.

Pete, Clementon
Now that decades of warnings by the scientific community have passed, without real steps away from fossil fuels, what plans do you have to quickly (and sustainably) get the county to an electric, renewable, and robust energy grid?

Camden County was recently certified under the nationwide SolSmart program, which provides residents with more information on how to take advantage of residential solar programs. SolSmart also helps to simplify the permitting and inspection process for residential solar, making these programs more appealing for residents to adopt. You can find out more at: SolSmart | Nationally Distinguished. Locally Powered. We are also in the process of upgrading the County’s public electric vehicle charging infrastructure, which can be found at publicly accessible sites throughout the County.

Andrea, Cherry Hill
Who decided to cut down the beautiful Poplar trees on Rt 70? Why can’t there be another way to expand the road without decimating the homes and food of so many of our neighbors of nature that our environment and our future depend upon?

The State DOT is returning to plant Trees.

Kathleen, Cherry Hill
I’m concerned as to where our recycling goes after it is picked up from our residence. I’m concerned with all environmental issues in and around Camden County and the state of New Jersey. Thank you

Much of what is recycled by Camden County residents goes to established domestic markets. In 2019, the County streamlined the list of recyclable materials to ensure that the items we recycle have sustainable value.

Colleen, Pennsauken
Can we get compost recycling?

Most municipalities provide opportunities for residents to compost some or all of their yard waste. Additionally, residents are also permitted and encouraged to compost yard and vegetative food waste in their own backyards. This is commonly referred to as backyard composting.



Albert, Pine Hill
Will free legal aid for seniors to complete their Last Will and Testament be offered again as it was before the pandemic?

The Camden County Board Of Commissioners offer Camden County Residence over the age of 65 or a disabled adult over the age of 18 a free will, living will and power of attorney. To schedule an appointment they would call Arneal Quinn at (856)571-1316 or email her at

Health Care


Donna, Collingswood
Healthcare is dysfunctional in America. At minimum, healthcare providers should have a “menu” of their services with corresponding costs. Hospitals make too much money. It’s out of control.

the No Surprises Act became federal law on January 1, 2022. Consumers have new billing protections when getting emergency care, non-emergency care from out-of-network providers at in-network facilities, and air ambulance services from out-of-network providers. Through new rules aimed to protect consumers, excessive out-of-pocket costs are restricted, and emergency services must continue to be covered without any prior authorization, and regardless of whether or not a provider or facility is in-network. No Surprises Act | CMS



Anthony, Blackwood
Board of elections doesn’t send any letters out when your working or not?

We understand the frustration and are working hard on it. There has been technical issues with the SVRS (State System) that generates Boardworker Assignments. By now every Boardworker has been contacted letting them know where they were assigned. An application was sent out in February for the Boardworker to fill out to let us know if they are available for 2022 Elections. The Board is currently looking into other options to create these Boardworker Assignments.

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