Positive Youth Development

Positive Youth Development focuses on improving the lives of Camden County’s young people ages 9- 24. The mission is that “All children will be at home, in school, on track, and connected to their community.” Through Covenant actions, supporting positive youth development will take form in many ways including promoting creative ways to get information on summer youth recreation and employment opportunities into the hands of families and youth and expanding mentoring opportunities for our youth.  Involving youth in planning needed services and problem solving; creating opportunities for positive youth civic engagement; and planning creative ways to involve families are also being pursued.

Resources for Positive Youth Development:

The Camden County One Stop Career Center is an excellent resource for youth employment and training opportunities and programs.

The Center for Family Services www.centerffs.org  through more than 40 different programs in southern New Jersey provides the tools for people to live happier, healthier lives. They help people get back on their feet: help families overcome challenges and become stronger and closer; provide children a safe home when they have nowhere else to go; and educate and create awareness in our communities and schools.

The Camden Center for Youth Development www.ccydinc.orgoffers a fully articulated program of services for youth, including youth leadership development, academics, job/vocational skills development and physical, spiritual and emotional proficiencies

RAFHA, Inc., located at 519 Sicklerville Road, Sicklerville, NJ 08081; (856)404-9258 provides mentoring services for youth.