FCC Alliance

Operating your own registered Family Child Care home business? 

  • Interested in saving time and money – and earning more money?
  • Interested in sharing best practices with other Family Child Care home providers or learning about best practices – particularly during COVID-19?
  • Interested in access to a free online FCC toolkit through a professional platform of resources and templates?

Join the Family Child Care Alliance in Monmouth and Camden Counties. It’s free!

What is the Family Child Care Alliance?

Monmouth and Camden Counties are looking for 25 home-based child care providers in each county to become part of a regional alliance. Each individual would still operate their own business, but would benefit from being part of a group (i.e., a network) to strengthen the business aspect of home-based child care. The FCC Alliance will offer access to tools and templates so that each provider doesn’t have to recreate the wheel.


What can you expect as an Alliance member?

Personalized professional support

  • Business Skills. Access to technical support, training, and coaching to help your home-based business thrive (e.g., access to business support to help save time, record-keeping templates and tips to help you save money during tax time, and business strategies to maximize the income you can earn)
  • Peer Support & Sharing. A peer support group to share your expertise and learn from others (e.g., strategies to meet common challenges and fun activities to help children learn)
  • Professional Practices. Access to on-going professional development


Technology tailored for Family Child Care home businesses

  • Easy Online Materials and Tools. Access to an online Family Child Care Toolkit, which includes commonly used forms, templates, parent handbooks, and other materials from experts that you can use in your home business or edit for use in your home business. (We call it child care in a box, because it’s everything you need – with materials designed by child care experts throughout the country. And, the content is available in English and Spanish!)
  • Tools to Save Time & Money. Access to the MyKidzDay app – a free downloadable app that enables home-based providers to track daily operations and communicate to their families through a professional platform (e.g., it’s an easy to use business tool for a quick child health check prior to child entry, tracking child attendance and meals, communicating with parents, and more!)
  • Basic Computer Support. Not comfortable with technology generally? No worries! Our staff will meet you where you are at so that you have individualized support based on your own needs! From providing basic computer support (e.g., how to use a laptop for your business, how to use Microsoft Word and/or Excel, how to create and use email, how to set up a web site or business Facebook page, or anything else designed to make home-based providers comfortable) to advanced skills related to using technology in your business.


Here’s what we want to do together – for providers and with providers:

  • Increase financial sustainability (increase and maintain income)
  • Reduce administrative costs and time on these tasks
  • Increase access to business expertise (e.g., grow business strategies to save time, save money, and increase income)
  • Increase knowledge of business and child care best practices
  • Increase the number of registered Family Child Care providers
  • Support the needs of working parents
  • Promote the healthy development of children

So, there’s no cost? What will I need to do to maintain my alliance membership?

We have spent time talking with home-based providers and asking what would help most to ensure that those operating their own home business stay in the field and those who might be interested in operating their own home business have an easy on-ramp.


What are some of the resources that I can expect to access and learn more about?


Hands-on Staff Support

Contact us for more information about how to join the FCC Alliance in either Monmouth or Camden County! Interested in becoming a home-based entrepreneur operating your own child care program? Contact us today for help to become a registered FCC provider!


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