Mosquito Commission

The Camden County Mosquito Commission is a health related agency authorized by New Jersey State Statues to eliminate and control mosquitoes which cause great suffering, economic loss and disease transmission. This work is funded by the Camden County Board of Commissioners. These tasks are undertaken by employing various methods, such as chemical control, biological means, water management, education and training by a small but highly specialized professional staff.

Mosquitoes are well known throughout the area as a nuisance. Uncontrolled mosquito populations can still ruin outdoor activities and interfere with many elements of business. A less common but even more serious problem with the blood sucking of mosquitoes is the spread of diseases. Various types of life-threatening encephalitis occur throughout South Jersey in humans and domestic animals. Dog heartworm is widespread in dogs and occasionally in cats. Malaria has struck in Camden County in recent years but is very rare. Some of the most serious communicable diseases are spread by a mosquito bite and are still common in many other parts of the world. These are all reasons that the mosquito is a pest of whose control is mandated by New Jersey State Law.

Since the mosquito does not respect property lines, municipal borders or land features, this commission serves all parts of Camden County and is coordinated with neighboring counties through a state network.

To report a mosquito issue in your town, please click here.

*Please note when an issue is reported the Mosquito Commission will spray the street and surrounding areas, they are not permitted to spray private residences.

Protect yourself from mosquitoes and the germs they can spread:  Use EPA registered insect repellent,  cover up with long-sleeves and pants, and  dump standing water weekly.
For more information: Department of Health | Communicable Disease Service | Mosquito-borne Diseases ( #FightTheBiteNJ #HealthierNJ #MosquitoControl

Mosquito control is a public health responsibility to lessen mosquito nuisance and more importantly to prevent mosquito-borne diseases, playing a key role in protecting NJ residents.

Residents of Camden County can reach the Camden County Mosquito Commission at (856)566-2945 

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(856) 566-2945

To report a mosquito issue in your town, please click here.


Lauren Bonus Superintendent

Jeffrey L. Nash

Commissioner Liaison

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