Mosquito Prevention Tips


  • Mosquitoes need stagnant water to breed. Check your property regularly for anything that holds water for more than a few days. These include among other items, trash cans/lids, flower pots, bird baths, buckets, tires, rain gutters, kids toys, swing sets, kiddie pools, and even bottle caps.
  • Dispose of any unnecessary containers that hold water and empty remaining items after each rain event or at least twice a week. If possible, store remaining containers indoors.
  • Check folds in pool covers and tarps that can trap rainwater and become a breeding site.
  • Store boats upside down so they drain. If covered, keep the tarp tight so water doesn’t pool on top.
  • Check for items under bushes, in tall grass, and other areas that are shaded.
  •  Check downspout extensions. If ribbed, or at an angle that allows rainwater to pool inside the extension, this creates a perfect habitat for mosquitoes to breed.
  • Change water in bird baths, fountains, and animal troughs weekly. Stock fish or add mosquito larvicide to ornamental ponds.
  • Maintain backyard pools. Poorly maintained pools can become a mosquito breeding ground within days after you stop adding chlorine or some other disinfectant.
  •  Buy mosquito repellant to spray yourself and family members when going outdoors.
  • Maintain screens on  doors and windows to keep mosquitoes from entering your home
  • Consider hiring a private contractor to spray if you’re planning an outdoor event

Mosquito Prevention flyer