Programs and Services

Annual Candlelight Vigil in Remembrance of Overdose Victims

In 2014, the Camden County Commissioners hosted the first annual Candlelight Vigil in remembrance of overdose victims. Since this time, county administrators and community members continue to come together to honor those we lost. From 2014 through to the end of 2022, an approximate 2,450 individuals lost their lives due to an overdose.


REAL Sports

Sports can be an integral part of recovery and are meaningful in so many ways. A person can build support groups and create lasting friendships with teammates. These healthy activities offer opportunity to reinforce the idea that fun and camaraderie does not have to involve alcohol or drugs. Participants also share in the encouragement of others, if it is their first time playing that sport. The Camden County Commissioners have supported REAL sports for all seasons.

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Recovery Softball Tournament

Once a year in September, officials, those in recovery come together to celebrate success in recovery. Teams drawn from the community compete against each other. This is a day that highlights the achievement of all.


Project SAVE

The Commissioner Board supported an aggressive effort to continue the fight against opioid use disorder. By identifying offenders at the point of arrest and linking them to Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors within the Camden County Municipal Courts, the county reduces overdoses, increases admissions to treatment and reduces the cost to the county. Since the launch of Project SAVE in 2019, through to the end of 2022, over 2,400 individuals have enrolled for SAVE Advocate assistance and 2,460 treatment admissions have been engaged by participants.



OPERATION SAL was created to bridge treatment with the number of overdoses and calls for treatment. In 2014, average wait times for treatment were up to 3 weeks. The Commissioner provided funds to pay for treatment with immediate access. The program expanded to include Recovery Specialists and HALO. It also includes funding for emergency shelter placement.


Recovery Specialist

The Certified Peer Recovery Specialist program offered at Camden County College providing opportunities for individuals in recovery to obtain education and combine that with ‘lived experience’ to help others achieve that goal. Recovery Specialists are responding to overdoses at all 4 health systems, assisting in the shelters and working with law enforcement to secure treatment for arrestees.

HALO stands for Healing After Loss to An Overdose.Since 2010, through to the end of 2022, there have been 2,989 overdose fatalities in Camden County. The impact has been devastating for families, loved ones, colleagues and others in the community. The Board of Commissioners supported the creation of a group to support those who lost someone. Grief is complicated and that secondary to an overdose is even more difficult. In 2020, HALO expanded to support youth who lost a sibling or parent.