In Memoriam: Remembrance and Hope Memorial


Camden County Remembrance and Hope Memorial Vigil
Thursday, August 31, 2023
Timber Creek Park

On Overdose Awareness Day, August 31st, 2023, The Camden County Board of Commissioners, and the Addiction Awareness Task Force hosted the Camden County Remembrance and Hope Memorial Vigil to remember the loved ones we lost and spread the message of hope to those still fighting the disease of addiction. The community came together to help raise awareness and end the stigma. This year’s keynote speaker was Zac Clark a Haddonfield native who is the Co-Founder of Release Recovery and appeared on the 2020 season of ABC’s Bachelorette. Please see below for the full ceremony video and photos.

2023 Memorial Photos

Remembrance and Hope Memorial Vigil 2023, August 31, 2023

2023 Memorial Presentation

Camden County Director & Commissioner Lou Cappelli’s Message

Breaking the Stigma – Congressman Donald Norcross

Camden County Offers Hope & Solutions – Prosecutor Grace MacAulay

Keynote Speaker – Zac Clark

A Brother’s Loss to Addiction – John Tomlinson

Remembrance and Hope Vigil Slide Show

2023 Remembrance & Hope Vigil Program


Keynote Speaker
Zac Clark

Zac Clark is a mental health, wellness, and addiction recovery advocate, motivational speaker, philanthropist, and business executive who founded and serves as CEO of Release Recovery: a full- service substance use disorder and mental health organization – with multiple facilities throughout New York –that offers transitional living, interventions, case management, and other essential family and recovery support services.

Zac is also the founding board member of Release Recovery Foundation, a nonprofit whose mission is to remove financial barriers to treatment for those who can’t afford it – specifically those in underserved communities through DEI, LGBTQIA+, and women’s scholarships. The foundation also works to build community to break the stigma around addiction and mental health.

Zac also serves on the board of trustees of Caron Treatment Centers, an internationally renowned organization dedicated to addiction and behavioral healthcare and treatment – and where Zac began his own recovery journey 12 years ago.

In 2020, Zac came to widespread acclaim by openly addressing his addiction and recovery on ABC’s “The Bachelorette.” He uses his large platform to spread hope and raise awareness – especially among young people – about the crucial mental health and addiction issues that plague our country today.

Zac has partnered with global brands, including Reebok, Rhone, and Poland Spring. He grew up in Haddonfield, NJ, is a die-hard Philadelphia sports fan and sneakerhead, played college baseball, and has seen his favorite band Pearl Jam play more than 30 times. He’s finished 12 marathons, as well as completed the coveted Goggins Challenge – raising nearly two million dollars in the process on behalf of Release Recovery Foundation and Caron Foundation. He lives in New York City.

A Brother’s Message of Loss
John Tomlinson

John Tomlinson is a Cherry Hill resident and a father of five whose story is all too common throughout our community. John tragically lost his brother, Joey, to an overdose at a house party in 2015 where party goers left his brother in the bushes before calling an ambulance for help. John will be sharing his family’s story of loss and the ripple effect it has had on all of them at this year’s vigil. 

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Memorial Pavers

The Camden County Remembrance and Hope Memorial at Timber Creek Park in Gloucester Township is offering a place for reflection to the families who have lost a loved one to the disease of addiction, showing them that they are not alone. Pavers are being offered as part of the Remembrance and Hope Memorial to honor the lives lost.

Please note pavers are available all year long but will not be completed and installed until August of each year. To be included in the 2024 vigil, all pavers must be purchased before August 1st. Once paver is purchased you will receive a proof to approve. Once approved we will save and share all installation and vigil dates for August of that year.


Camden County is offering two options for residents:

Single Paver – $200  

  • Your very own memorial paver, appx. 20″ wide x 1 O” high, which includes up to 4 lines for your message (17 characters on each line, letters 1 inch high)

Shared Paver – $150

  • Have our message with other residents appx. 30’ wide x 20’ high which includes 2 lines for your message (17 characters on each line, letters 1.75 inches high)

To ensure all families have the opportunity to pay tribute, we can only offer one paver for each loved one.

Click here to place a paver submission for a 2024 Memorial Paver