Urban Incentives

Urban Transit HUB Tax Credit Program

The Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit Program (HUB) provides tax incentives to businesses and developers in Camden City. You could receive tax credits equal to 80%-100% of the qualified capital investments made within an eight-year period. You may also apply 10% of the total credit amount per year over a ten-year period against your corporate business tax, insurance premiums tax, or gross income tax liability.

Program requirements include:

  • Capital investment of at least $75 million in a qualified facility
  • Must employ at least 250 full-time workers at the facility
  • Occupy space in the facility representing at least $25 million of the $75 million of capital investment

Download the following for more information:

Camden City & Gloucester City Urban Enterprise Zones

Move or start your business in Camden City or Gloucester City and you could qualify for money-saving tax credits. And your customers could save money also.

Through the New Jersey Urban Enterprise Zones Act, you may be eligible for an employee tax credit or an investment tax credit every year. Certification is renewable annually. Call or contact Camden County and see how UEZ status can be combined with other programs to start or grow your business and your staff.

PSE&G Area Development Urban Demand Utility Credit

Public Service Electric & Gas (PSE&G), Camden County’s public energy supplier, offers many helpful energy conservation programs for business — including incentives designed to stimulate growth in urban centers. You may qualify to receive a $2.85 per kilowatt demand credit, reducing your bills 5% – 13%.