Workforce Training and Training Grants

Remedial & Skill Training

Well-trained, productive workers can mean the difference between success and failure in business. Camden County can assist you with a wide range of programs and grants for enhancing your employees technical skills and literacy, including English as a second language.

Literacy Volunteers of Camden County

Literacy Volunteers of Camden County (LVCC) provides free one-on-one and small group tutoring in reading, math and English to Camden County adults at the lowest literacy levels. Tutoring is learner-centered and goal-oriented, geared toward the needs of each individual student.

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Workforce Learning Link Program

The Workforce Learning Link program is designed to provide workplace literacy skills to individuals needing to update, refresh, or learn skills that will help find, secure and advance a person in their job. The program includes:

  • Basic Skills Enhancement
  • GED Test Preparation
  • Career Exploration and Job Search Assistance
  • Financial Literacy Workshops

Contact: 1-856-968-4200

Occupational Skill Training

Occupational Training is attending school to learn a specific job skill. Customers of the One-Stop, if deemed eligible, can select from a variety of approved schools and compare their outcomes from our approved training provider list and consumer report card system. All approved occupational training programs come from a wide variety of job demand fields. For more information on our occupational skills training programs please contact us at 1-856-968-4200.

Customized Training at Camden County College

For over 30 years Camden County College has been effectively partnering with local area businesses to provide high-quality customized training for their employees. You name it. regardless of your company’s industry, product or service, Camden County College will design a program of training to precisely meet your needs.

Take advantage of a free training audit and find out about Custom Training Services and Training Grant opportunities! For more information contact us by email at or by calling 856-751-2242

Workforce Innovation in Regional Development (WIRED Grants)

The federal WIRED Initiative, launched in November 2005, stresses the critical role the development of talent plays in creating effective regional economic development strategies.

WIRED goes beyond traditional strategies for worker preparation by bringing together state, local and federal entities; academic institutions (including K-12, community colleges and universities); investment groups; foundations; and business and industry to address the challenges associated with building a globally competitive and prepared workforce.

Grants are provided to regional partnerships recognizing that labor markets often transcend political and geographic boundaries.

In February 2006, following a Solicitation for Grant Applications, the US Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration (ETA) announced 13 regions that comprise the WIRED 1st Generation. First Generation regions face various challenges in economic development and sustainability including: remaining competitive with a global workforce; managing existing growth opportunities; and creating a more innovative economy by focusing on developing small business. First Generation WIRED Regions were awarded $15 million over three years to revitalize their local economy.

In April, 2006, ETA added 13 additional regions, then known as the Virtual Regions. These regions receiving $100,000 planning grants, were invited to participate in all WIRED related activities and were given access to the tools and resources developed. In January 2007, these regions became the 2nd Generation Regions and received an investment of $500,000. This investment supports the development of a comprehensive implementation plan. Upon completion and acceptance of this plan, each region will receive an additional $4.5 million investment over a three year period.

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