Workforce Recruiting and Staffing

Camden County offers multiple resources to help you recruit and train the ideal staff. From occupational skills and customized training programs to grants and other incentives. For more information JUST ASK! Call 856-751-2242 or email

Recruiting and Staffing

Camden County offers a variety of services to help you find the right employees for your business. Whether screening and referring potential candidates, providing access to customized recruitment programs, or helping get employees to work we can help you.

Find Qualified Employees

The Camden County One-Stop Career Center provides two primary options for businesses to fill their staffing needs.

  1. All businesses are encouraged to establish an account through our website (see link below) that allows the employer access to review our database of available employees and post available job positions. This service is provided free at no cost to the employer and the account is controlled by the business.
  2. The best option is what we refer to as a “Positive Recruitment”Let our staffing experts assist you in filling your staffing needs. We offer pre-screening services for any job based on a business’ defined parameters. So whether you are recruiting for a single position or a multitude of jobs, we can provide your human resource department with pre-screened quality applicants from our 20,000 person database. All you have to do is interview and hire; you can even use our location!

If you are interested in finding out more information on any of these services please contact the Camden County One-Stop Career Center at 1-877-995-2600.

Business Resource Centers

Business Resource Centers (BRCs) provide business solutions to small and mid-size employers. BRCs address workforce development requirements associated with recruitment and training. A secondary role is to help companies navigate government agencies and non-profit organizations to find information about new business development, loan programs, child labor laws, general wage and hour information, labor market data and permitting issues.

Camden County’s Business Resource Center Services:

    • Find Qualified Workers.
    • Use our personal computers, fax machines and copy machines to facilitate interviews or recruitment.
    • Learn about Customized Training and Literacy Grants.
    • Learn about the Apprenticeship Incentive Program (for manufacturers).
    • Meet with representatives from state and local economic developmental agencies to learn about various ways to grow your business in New Jersey.
    • Join the Regional Employer Council – a statewide organization of private sector employers who partner with Department of Labor and Workforce Development staff to identify ways to improve workforce development programs and services.
    • Learn about our Employer Human Resources (HR) Support Services Program which offers employers free, expert advice, information, and assistance to help you effectively deal with day-to-day operational Human Resource issues.
    • Learn about free Government Bonding for selected workers.
    • Ask us about our Vocational Rehabilitation Services – they can help you to hire workers with disabilities, provide diagnostic services and train workers for employment.
    • Ask us about our Rapid Response Team – they assist both employers and workers involved in a closing or permanent mass layoff.
    • Need demographics, economic projections; regional labor market data; labor market trends; employment and wage data by industry; population statistics?
    • Need an assessment of your company’s safety and health program? We can recommend ways to improve health and safety conditions.

Learn about the on-the-job-training – welfare-to-work tax credit program and work opportunity tax credit programs. These programs save you money!

  • We can help you with transportation questions for your staff to and from work.
  • Do you have questions on Wage and Hour Compliance or child labor laws?
  • We can connect you to other state and local resources to address your business needs.

To find out more email or call 856-751-2242