CCIA Financing

You have big plans for business. So do we. In fact, the Camden County Business Team wants to make it happen now with financing, incentives and grants that let you grow faster here.  For more information JUST ASK! Call 856-751-2242 or email

Expanding your workforce? Adding new equipment? Thinking bigger? Whether you dream about rehabbing a 19th century factory or bringing homes back to neighborhoods, we’ll team you with the right local, state, federal and private resources. Together, with our State partners, we can tailor an incentive package that works best for you. Just Ask.

Camden County Improvement Authority Financing

Flexible terms. Lower interest rates. Creative debt restructuring. Fast-track approvals.

The Camden County Improvement Authority (CCIA) offers all these advantages to businesses seeking financing. As an autonomous County agency, the CCIA has access to financial options not available to local governments. Unlike towns or counties, which must operate within the limits of annual capital budgets, the CCIA can finance a new project at any time. It has the flexibility to offer a variety of financial options, unique solutions for restructuring debt, and the ability to guide your project from concept to completion.

In addition, the CCIA offers evaluation of financial statements, business plan reviews, application assistance, preparation of financing recommendations, facilitating meetings with government officials, and providing official letters of support to create a positive environment.

We also have access to layer in state, federal and private low-interest-loans and grants.