Cooper River Park Vision Plan

From a historical perspective and for many generations, the Cooper River has been the lifeblood for Camden, the Delaware Valley and at various times, the Nation. While still Cooper’s Creek, it served as a navigable waterway transporting agriculture products. Under the Works Progress Administration (WPA) it underwent an enormous transformation into what is the modern day Cooper River Park. Considered one of the longest, unbroken straight river courses in the country, it is valued as one of the finest venues for competitive sailing and rowing. Annually, it hosts numerous prestigious regattas which generate millions of dollars in revenue for the area. In addition to the river activities, its picturesque banks offer numerous opportunities for hiking, biking, strolling and picnicking for a wide and diverse group of users.

Moving forward, Cooper River Park will build upon its rich history of providing for residents of Camden County and out-of-town visitors with a visionary plan for the future. This plan will endeavor to refine the park’s existing facilities — striving to create a phased process that results in a flexible and enduring place of international caliber. The ensuing report will underscore and outline the various goals and objectives necessary to achieve this vision.