Camden County Administration Building Demolition

Project Overview

Camden County will be advancing a project for the demolition of the vacant Camden County administration building located next to Camden City Hall on the corner of Market Street and Broadway. Demolition is expected to begin in May 2023, once the contractor is able mobilize to start the work.

The demolition work is being led by the Camden County Improvement Authority (CCIA). Under the leadership of the CCIA, the selected demolition contractor will be taking steps to minimize the impacts to the downtown, businesses, and the community.

Prior to the start of demolition, fencing and barriers will be installed around the perimeter of the property to provide for the necessary precautions during the demolition process. These precautions include reducing the width of the traffic lanes on Broadway between Federal Street and Market Street to provide for adequate space and safety during the demolition phase. Once the contractor is on site and begins to work, demolition is anticipated to take about one year to complete.  The first few months of work by the contractor will be the necessary preparation of the building and all interior or underground work needed to prepare the building for overall demolition.

The CCIA and the demolition contractor will implement steps to minimize the impact on the community.  This will include the use of identified access points for construction traffic to enter and exit the property, limiting the hours of construction traffic at the site, providing construction signage and more. The plan is to maintain the existing lanes of traffic along both Market Street and Federal Street. The only impacts to traffic lanes will be along Broadway between Market and Federal Street, as it will be reduced to one lane in each direction. This will have no impacts to NJ TRANSIT bus stops. 

Included is a handout with some additional information, including a layout of the project site and how the CCIA and its contractors will be enclosing the site during the demolition phase.

After the demolition is completed, the site will remain an empty lot until further decisions can be made for the future use of the space. The site could also be used to help facilitate the future construction of the new Walter Rand Transportation Center in the coming years as well. 

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Administration Building Demolition Map