By Laws


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Section 1.        Name of Authority.    The name of the Authority shall be “The Camden County Improvement Authority.”

Section 2.        Seal of Authority.   The seal of the Authority shall be in accordance with the official seal of the County of Camden and shall bear the name of the Authority around or in likeness to the official seal.

Section 3.        Office of the Authority.   The office of the Authority shall be located at 2220 Voorhees Town Center, Voorhees, NJ, 08043; Camden County.

Section 4.        Size of the Authority Board.   The Authority shall consist of five (5) members.


Section 1.        Officers.   The Authority shall appoint each year, at February’s Board of Commissioners reorganization meeting, from among its members, a Chairperson and Vice-Chair.  It may appoint a Treasurer and Secretary, who shall hold office until March 1st the following year, ensuring, and until their respective successors shall have been appointed and qualified.   The Authority may also appoint an Executive Director and such other agents and employees as it may require and it shall determine their qualifications, term of office, duties and compensation.

Section 2.        Chairperson.  The Chairperson shall preside at all meetings of the Authority.  Except as otherwise authorized by resolution of the Authority, the Chairperson shall sign all contracts, deeds, and other instruments made by the Authority.  At each meeting, the Chairperson shall submit such recommendations and information as he may consider proper concerning the business affairs and policies of the Authority.

Section 3.        Vice- Chair.   The Vice-Chair shall perform the duties of the Chairperson in the absence or incapacity of the Chair; and in case of the resignation or death of the Chair, the Vice-Chair shall perform such duties as are imposed on the Chairman until such time as the Authority shall elect a new Chairperson.  In the event neither the Chair nor Vice-Chair are in attendance to an Authority meeting, then, a quorum being present, a temporary chairman shall be elected to preside over such meeting.

Section 4.        Executive Director.   The Executive Director shall be appointed by the members of the Authority.  The person appointed to fill this office, or any vacancy thereof, shall serve at the pleasure of the Authority, but no member of the Authority shall be eligible to hold this office except as a temporary appointee.  The Executive Director shall have such duties as the Authority shall delegate and shall have general supervision over the administration of its business and affairs, subject to the directions of the Authority members.  The Executive Director shall keep, in safe custody, the seal of the Authority and shall have power to affix such seal to all contracts and instruments authorized to be executed by the Authority.

Section 5.        Secretary.   The Secretary shall be appointed by the members of the Authority.  Any person appointed to fill the said office or any vacancy thereof shall have such term as the Authority fixes, but no member of the Authority shall be eligible to hold this office except as a temporary appointee.  The Secretary shall keep the records of the Authority, shall record all votes, and shall keep a record of the proceeding of the Authority in a journal of proceedings to be kept for such purposes.  The Secretary shall perform all duties incident to this office.  The compensation of the Secretary shall be determined by the Authority.

Section 6.        Treasurer.   The Treasurer shall have the care and custody of all funds for and of the Authority.

Section 7.        Additional Duties.   The officers of the Authority shall perform such other duties and functions as may from time to time be required by the Authority or the By-laws or Rules and Regulations of the Authority, or the statutes of the State of New Jersey.

Section 8.        Vacancies.   Should the office of the Chairperson, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, or Secretary become vacant, the Authority shall elect a successor from its membership at the next regular meeting, and such election shall be for the unexpired term of said office.  When the office of Secretary becomes vacant, the Authority shall appoint a successor, as aforesaid.

Section 9.        Additional Personnel.   The Authority may, from time to time, employ such personnel as it deems necessary to exercise its powers, duties and functions as prescribed by the County Improvement Authorities law and all other laws of the State of New Jersey applicable thereto.  The selection and compensation of such personnel shall be determined by the members of the Authority subject to the laws of the State of New Jersey.

Section 10.      Indemnification. All directors and officers should be held harmless and fully indemnified for any and all acts performed within their function as directors and officers of the Camden County Improvement Authority.


Section 1.        Annual MeetingThe annual reorganization meeting of the Authority shall be held in February each year or soon thereafter as a quorum may be convened.

Section 2.        Regular MeetingsThe regular meeting shall be held monthly in accordance with a schedule of meeting adopted annually at the office of the Authority or at such other place as the Chair shall designate.  In the event such date shall fall on a legal holiday, the regular meeting shall be held on the next succeeding business day.  The Authority shall comply with N.J.S.A. 10:4-6, The Open Public Meeting Law.

Section 3.        Special Meetings.   The Chairperson shall also have the power to call a special meeting of the Authority for the purpose of the transacting any business designated in the call.  The call for a special meeting may be delivered to each member of the Authority or may be mailed or facsimile to the business or home address of each member of the Authority at least forty-eight hours prior to the date of such special meeting.  Such notice may be waived and a special meeting held, provided all members of the Authority attend or such notice is waived by any three members present in writing.  At such special meeting, no business shall be considered other than as designated in the call, but if all of the members of the Authority are present at a special meeting, any and all business may be transacted at such meeting.

Section 4.        Quorum.  The powers of the Authority shall be vested in the members thereof in office from time to time, and a majority of the entire authorized voting membership of the Authority shall constitute a quorum at any meeting thereof.  Action may be taken and motions and resolutions adopted by the Authority at any meeting of the members thereof by the affirmative vote of a majority of the voting members present.

Section 5.        Order of Business.   At the regular meeting of the Authority, the following shall be in order of business:

  1. Opening of meeting
  2. Roll call
  3. Notice in Accordance with Open Public Meeting Law
  4. Approval of minutes of previous meeting.
  5. Executor Director’s Report
  6. Resolutions
  7. Bill List
  8. Public Portion
  9. Adjournment

Section 6.        Manner of VotingThe voting on resolutions shall be by roll call and the yeas and nays shall be entered upon the vote, unless a request is made for a roll call vote, which roll call vote shall then be taken.  The roll call, when required or requested, shall be called in alphabetical order, except that the Chair shall vote last.


There shall be such standing and special committees as shall, from time to time, be designated by the Chairperson who shall also designate the Chair of each committee.  Such committees shall consist of no less than two members.


  Amendments of By-Laws.  The By-Laws of the Authority shall be amended only with the approval of at least four members of the Authority at a regular or special meeting, but no such Amendment shall be adopted unless at least seven days written notices thereof has been previously given to all of the members of the Authority.



William R. Hosey, Chairperson
309 Ninth Ave
Haddon Height, NJ 08035
Linda M. Rohrer, Vice-Chair
155 Heather Road
Haddon Township, NJ 08107
Joseph P. Schooley, Sr., Commissioner
194 Pearlcroft Road
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
William W. Spearman, Commissioner
1471 Baird Avenue
Camden, NJ 08103
Reginald C. Stevenson, Commissioner
401 Masters Drive
Blackwood, NJ 08012


Christopher A. Orlando, Interim Executive Director

Debra DiMattia, Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer

James Lex, Secretary

Maryanne Manning, Recording Secretary