Notary Public

Document Notarization:

The County Clerk’s Office can notarize documents for a fee of $2.50 per notarization (per stamp).  Proper photo identification is required. All documents to be notarized must be signed in the presence of the notary; DO NOT SIGN THE DOCUMENT BEFOREHAND.

To prevent any conflicts of interest, the Camden County Clerk’s Office cannot notarize any documents that will be recorded or filed in the Camden County Clerk’s Office (deeds, mortgages, election petitions, etc.).

Notary Public Commission:

A Notary Public is appointed (commissioned) by the State Treasurer for a five year period, and is sworn into office by the County Clerk. All Notaries who are commissioned in Camden County are required to file an Oath of Office with the County Clerk’s Office.

To apply to become a Notary Public, follow the link and instructions below for the online application.

Online Application

  • The applicant completes the Online Notary Public Application and electronically pays the filing fee of $30 (credit/debit card or eCheck)
  • The application is automatically sent to a member of the state legislature of your choosing for approval
  • Once approved, the application is sent electronically to the State Treasurer
  • The State Treasurer will mail the applicant the Notary Public Commission Packet
  • Within 90 days after receiving the packet, the applicant must bring the Green Certificate issued by the State Treasurer, and a government issued photo ID, to the County Clerk’s Office located in Camden or The County Store location in Blackwood during normal business hours, to register and take the Oath of Office. No appointment is necessary in the Camden Office; appointments for the Blackwood Office can be made by calling (856) 566-2920.
  • The Oath of Office will require a $15.00 recording fee (Cash, Visa or Mastercard).

For additional information on the process to become a notary, the please see the State Treasurer’s Frequently Asked Questions.

Certifications of Notary Publics/Apostille:

The Office of the County Clerk can provide a certificate of Notary Public of a notary that was sworn into office in Camden County.  The fee is $5.00 per certificate.