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Community Development

Welcome to Camden County Community Development. As a Division of the Department of Administration, we have the responsibility to be stewards of funds from US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), NJ Division of Family Development (DFD), and the taxpayers of Camden County.  We also oversee the Camden County Homelessness Trust Fund.   

How do we help our towns?

Community Development Block Grants are used to help municipalities with infrastructure projects in low-income areas and social services for senior citizens and low-income residents.  Each year municipalities apply for funds which we received through HUD.

Our Homeless Services also works with towns to address isolated issues of homelessness.

How do we help residents?

We receive funds from HUD and DFD. We use these funds to provide grants to social service agencies for homeless prevention, emergency shelter, and social services.  These needs are determined each year through an annual planning process. 

In partnership with the Camden County Improvement Authority, we provide a Home Improvement Program and a First time Home Buyers program.  Each program has specific criteria as set forth by HUD.  

 Please click on our various services listed on the left to learn more about each program.


The goal of the Board of Commissioners is to end homelessness.  For too many years we have been “managing” the problem of homelessness.  We now need to end homelessness in Camden County.  The County opened the first new emergency shelter not located in the City of Camden.  They are currently planning another shelter and affordable housing.

We manage DFD and HUD funds that are designated for homeless prevention.  Those funds are primarily distributed to social service agencies who manage these funds following the rules set for by the funding authority.  The process of getting help is sometimes challenging.  Uding the Homeless Services link to the left we hope you can find the help you need.  Our office is available if you find yourself unable to navigate the process.

We also play a leadership role with the Camden County Homeless Network Planning Committee and the Southern New Jersey Regional Continuum of Care.

How do we work with housing developers and social service agencies?

We use our HOME funds to support housing developers creating new affordable housing units.  If you a looking to develop housing, it is strongly encouraged you familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations within HUD’s HOME program.  You can learn them at the Hud Exchange. Welcome to HUD Exchange – HUD Exchange.  

Social Service agencies can apply for the various grant funds we make available.  For all funds that are bid out, they can be found at Camden County Purchasing Opportunities.  Please check this page frequently for opportunities.


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