Seed Saving Library

The Camden County Board of Commissioners is committed to creating a sustainable future for the county and its residents. One way to accomplish this is through the Camden County Seed Saving program with our partners: Camden County Library System and Camden County College.

To create a sustainable food source in our own backyards, we have established a resource that all county residents can utilize through the work made possible by the Camden County Certified Gardener volunteers. The Seed Saving Library filters through the Camden County Library System, the Camden County College – Blackwood Campus, and the Camden County Certified Gardeners in Blackwood to distribute seeds free of charge. Mirroring the vast diversity of seeds, seed banks take many forms, united by a common mission: to safeguard and conserve genetic diversity for future generations. The seeds are donated by seed companies, collected from plants on the property in the seed saving gardens, and donated by reputable local gardeners. Once the seeds are received, our volunteers undertake a detailed and time-consuming process to catalog, package, refrigerate and deliver the seeds to the residents of Camden County.

Dive into our seed selection and pick your favorites! Choose up to a maximum of 15 seed packets to get your garden growing. To reserve your picks, simply fill out the seed request form below. While we strive to fulfill all requests, seed availability can be limited. Seeds are available on a first come, first served basis. Remember, germination rates may vary from vendor estimates, but we source from reputable suppliers to ensure the best possible results for your homegrown harvest!

In addition to seeds, the program offers the tools you need to become a successful gardener. The Camden County Certified Gardeners are available throughout your gardening journey and can answer all your questions and concerns. We are excited about seed saving and want to help you build a personal seed collection for sustainable gardening.

Imagine this: a single seed, carefully nurtured, can flourish into a harvest of seeds by fall. This abundance would not only secure your future plantings but also provide enough to share with friends and family.

Where Are We Located?

The Seed Saving Library is located:

Office of Sustainability
08 Lakeland Road
Blackwood, NJ 08012.

You can contact and 856-216-7130 to answer any of your questions.


How Does Is Work?

  1. Click this link.
  2. Place your order of up to 15 seed packets.
  3. Choose your pickup location.
  4. You will receive a thank you email when your order has been submitted.
  5. A confirmation email will be sent with pickup details and information regarding your seeds.
  6. Please note our volunteers process and package all orders on Wednesdays for distribution.

Click Here for a listing and links to seed descriptions.
For more information on becoming a Camden County Certified Gardener, click on this LINK.

The seed library is generously sponsored by the Camden County Board of Commissioners, Camden County Certified Gardeners, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Botanical Interests, Burpee, Gibbsboro Community Gardens, Livingston Seeds, Medford Wisconsin Seeds, Stuttgarter Seed Company, Territorial Seed Company, and Thresh Seed Company.