Executive County Superintendent

The county superintendent, as a representative of the Commissioner of Education, provides leadership in educational planning and program improvement to local school districts and is responsible for the coordination and approval of fiscal, educational facility and transportation services within the county to ensure a thorough, efficient education for the more than 85,000 K through 12 students in Camden County.


Executive County Superintendent.


Educational Initiatives

  • Visit and examine from time to time all of the schools under her general supervision and exercise general supervision over them in accordance with the rules prescribed from time to time by the State board;
  • Advise with and counsel the boards of education of the local districts under her general supervision and of any district of the county when so requested, in relation to the performance of their duties;
  • Promote administrative and operational efficiencies and cost savings within the school districts in the county while ensuring that the districts provide a thorough and efficient system of education;


  • Review and approve, according to standards adopted by the commissioner, all employment contracts for superintendents of schools, assistant superintendents of schools, and school business administrators in school districts within the county, prior to the execution of those contracts;
  • Request the commissioner to order a forensic audit and to select and auditor for any school district in the county upon the determination by the executive county superintendent, according to standards adopted by the commissioner, that the accounting practices in the district necessitate such an audit;

Shared Services, Consolidation, Regionalization

  • Based on standards adopted by the commissioner, recommend to the commissioner, who is hereby granted the authority to effectuate those recommendations, that certain school districts be required to enter arrangements with one or more other school districts or educational services commissions for the consolidation of the district’s administrative services;
  • Recommend to the commissioner the elimination of laws the executive county superintendent determines to be unnecessary State education mandates, other than the categories of laws set forth in section 3 of P.L. 1996, c.24 (C.52:13H-3);
  • Have the authority to eliminate districts located in the county that are not operating schools on the effective date of Article 3 of this bill, in accordance with a plan submitted to the commissioner no later than one year following the effective date of Article 3 of this bill.
  • No later than three years following the effective date of Article 3 of this bill, recommend to the commissioner a school district consolidation plan to eliminate all districts, other than county-based districts and other than preschool or kindergarten through grade 12 districts in the county, through the establishment or enlargement of regional school districts.
  • Promote coordination and regionalization of pupil transportation services through means such as reviewing bus routes, schedules  and calendars of school districts and nonpublic schools within the county;

Collaboration, Communication, Committees

  • The Executive County Superintendent conducts a monthly meeting with the chief school administrators as a means of keeping a direct line of communication with the Commissioner.  In addition, the Executive County Business Administrator, county Child Study Supervisor, county Educational Specialist also conduct monthly meeting for the purpose of communicating information from the Department of Education on issues that pertain fiscal matters, regular and special education.
  • The Executive County Superintendent of Schools works closely with the County Executive, County Board of Chosen Freeholders and various local and county social services agencies with respect to educational issues and initiatives.  Collaborative and shared services initiatives have received significant emphasis.
  • The Executive County Superintendent of Schools serves as a member of the Board of Education for the Camden County Technical Schools and the Board of Trustees of Camden County College.