Education Staff

Executive County Superintendent of Schools

The Executive County Superintendent of Schools (ECS) supervises and administers the county office of education and represents the Commissioner of Education in all matters involving school districts pursuant to law and regulation. The ECS provides leadership in educational planning and program improvement to local school districts and is responsible for the coordination and approval of fiscal, educational, facility and transportation services within the county.  This is achieved in partnership with county stakeholders including, but not limited to, the County Board of Commissioners, local school districts, local community colleges, various county social services agencies, parents and other community members.  The Executive County Superintendent serves as a member of a number of county-wide committees including the Camden County Technical Schools Board of Education and the Board of Trustees of Camden County College. The ECS also chairs monthly meetings of the Chief School Administrators and Charter/Renaissance School Lead Persons.

Executive County Business Official, Suzanne Abdill

The Executive County Business Official (ECBO) provides school districts with assistance in all phases of budget processes (including review and approval), facilities review and transportation efficiencies in accordance with state law and regulations.  The ECBO also chairs monthly meetings of the School Business Administrators.

County Supervisor of Child Study, Dr. Catherine Thomas

The County Supervisor of Child Study (CSCS) serves as the county point-of-contact for all issues related to students with disabilities.  The CSCS is responsible to assure that all school districts maintain compliance with state and federal regulations regarding students with disabilities.  This includes, but is not limited to, QSAC monitoring, approval of district IDEA applications, the provision of assistance to school districts and parents in resolving conflicts and responding to questions regarding students with disabilities, and participating on various state, county and local committees.  As a resource, the CSCS provides oversight of a statewide database that tracks district capacity of identified programs and serves as the chairperson of the Special Education Director’s meetings which meet on a monthly basis.

County Education Specialist Natasha Palmer

The County Education Specialist (CES) is responsible to ensure that districts comply with state and federal rules and regulations, including NJQSAC and school district operations.  This includes, but is not limited to, conducting NJQSAC evaluations, reviewing/approving state and federal grant applications, responding to district and parent/guardian inquiries, coordinating/facilitating county workgroups, serving as the county assessment coordinator, providing technical assistance and resources regarding state initiatives and reviewing and approving specialized plans as required by the state and/or federal government. The CES is responsible for the co-management of the county curriculum consortium which meets on a monthly basis.

County Education Planning Associate, Arenda Kelly-Fleming

The County Education Planning Associate (CEPA) provides high-level assistance to both the CES and CSCS to ensure that districts comply with state and federal regulations, including NJQSAC monitoring, CORE accountability rules and regulations and other key components of school district operations.  The CEPA provides technical assistance or related resources on state initiatives and regulatory requirements including, but not limited to, school choice, homelessness and educational stability. The CEPA is responsible for the oversight of the school operations component of the NJQSAC monitoring, the review/approval of state and federal grant applications, the oversight of the collection of data, and responses to inquiries from stakeholders.