Executive Business Administrator

The Executive County School Business Administrator provides school districts with assistance in the following areas:

  • Review all school budgets of the school districts with the County, and pursuant to section 5 of P.L. 1996, c 138 (18A:7f-5) disapprove any portion of a school districts proposed budget if he/she determines that the district has not implemented all potential efficiencies in administrative operations of the district and if the budget appears to include excessive non-instructional expenses.
  • Review district financial operations in accordance with NJQSAC regulations.
  • Review facilities (school buildings) in accordance with NJQSAC regulations and New Jersey building and fire codes.
  • Review the Application for School Aid (ASSA) for accuracy.
  • Review, according to standards adopted by the commissioner, the employment contracts of the school business administrators in school districts within the county prior to their execution.
  • Encourage and review shared services arrangements between districts and municipalities in an effort to reduce costs.
  • Review all transportation efficiencies including the District Report of Transportation Resident Student (DRTRS). A meeting is held annually updating non-public and public schools on procedures regarding pupil transportation.

Resource Links

New Association of School Business Administrators (Link) – for legislation regarding school finance, transportation and building management    http://www.njasbo.com

Association of School Business Officials, Int.  (ASBOI) –  provides information on what is going on at the national level in schools throughout the country    www.asbointl.org/

User Friendly School District Budget reports – http://www.nj.gov/education/finance/fp/ufb/