Hispanic Affairs

The Camden County Office of Hispanic Affairs and Community Development (O.H.A.C.D.) was the first office created in New Jersey in April, 1989 by NJ Statue 40. 10c-1 which allowed for the establishment of a Hispanic office at a county level.


  • To advise municipal and county governing bodies on matters concerning the Hispanic community.
  • To advise and make recommendations to municipal and county governing bodies as to the potential impact of local legislation on the Hispanic community.
  • To act as a liaison between Hispanic agencies, the private sector, and elected officials.
  • To serve as a clearinghouse for information relevant to Hispanics constituents.
  • To promote cultural and educative events



O.H.A.C.D. is an instrumental office in advocating and addressing services in areas such as education, employment, cultural, economic, public safety, housing, health and identified needs affecting Hispanic constituents and the community of Camden County.

Areas of concern are collaboratively brain-stormed, planned and implemented by group and/or committees composed of representative and/or expertise from the county, city, non-profit community-based organization, and private sectors.

The Office receives and distributes information of interest, related to issues affecting Hispanics from national and local Hispanic organizations.

Resume Data Bank – A resume data bank to identify and refer Hispanics to key positions for employment and serving on boards, commissions and committees where Hispanic representation is needed and requested by businesses, civic organizations and governing bodies.

Acknowledgment of Prominent Hispanics in the Camden County community who are role models in the community and have contributed time and efforts to make a valuable difference in the quality of life for the Hispanic and overall community.

The Office works in collaboration with other organizations and coordinates activities to reach out to the Hispanic community to inform them of services provided and available throughout the county.


Nilsa I. Cruz-Perez


Louis Cappelli, Jr.


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