Woman’s History Month

As Women’s History Month comes to a close, we would like to take the time to recognize the amazing women in leadership throughout all of our Camden County municipalities. These women contribute to keeping our communities safe, active, and desirable places to live and work. From newly elected to experienced leaders, the women in this county continue to make a significant difference in our area. We know many of them juggle multiple responsibilities both personally and professionally but still manage to get the job done! Let’s applaud these women for their leadership, strength, and resilience.

We are proud to announce that Camden County is working to create an exhibit coming in March 2023 that will celebrate County women both past and present. We look forward to sharing this event with you for next year’s Women’s History Month.


Celebrating Women in Camden County Who Currently Hold Local Offices

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Councilwoman Jennifer Apell, Cherry Hill Township
Councilwoman Nancy Randolph Baus, Gloucester City
Mayor and Commissioner Colleen Bianco Bezich, Haddonfield Borough
Councilwoman Marion Bodanza, Berlin Township
Councilwoman Paula Bonamassa, Magnolia Borough
Councilwoman Shaneka Boucher, Camden City
Mayor Theresa Branella, Brooklawn Borough
Mayor Jamila Bremmer, Chesilhurst Borough
Councilwoman President Sarah Cairns, Oaklyn Borough
Councilwoman Karen Chew, Chesilhurst Borough
Councilwoman Patricia Corry-Gaft, Pine Hill Borough
Vice President Councilwoman Sheila Davis, Camden City
Mayor BettyAnn Cowling-Carson, Magnolia Borough
Senator Nilsa Cruz-Perez, State of New Jersey
Councilwoman Patricia Cummings, Berlin Borough
Councilwoman Susan DiGregorio, Laural Springs
Councilwoman Sarah Bolam DiMarco, Laural Springs
Councilwoman Judy DiPasquale, Audubon Park
Councilwonman Sangeeta Doshi, Cherry Hill Township
Councilwoman Trisha Egbert, Haddon Heights Borough
Committeewoman Jacklyn Fetbroyt, Voorhees Township
Councilwoman Johann Fina, Bellmawr Borough
Councilwoman Brenda Franks, Clementon Borough
Surrogate Michelle Gentek-Mayer, Camden County
Councilwoman Michele Golkow, Cherry Hill Township
Councilwoman Carolyn Grace, Gloucester Township
Councilwoman Linda Hall, Stratford Borough
Mayor Patti Harris, Barrington Borough
Councilwoman Linda Hess, Lindenwold Borough
Councilwoman Monica Holmes, Chesilhurst Borough
Councilwoman Rhonda Wardlow Hurley, Lawnside
Councilwoman Gloria Jones, Audubon Park
Councilwoman Cathleen Jordan, Chesilhurst Borough
Commissioner Melinda Kane, Camden County
Councilwoman Christine Karcsh, Gibbsboro Borough
Councilwoman Eleanor Kelly, Runnemede Borough
Assemblywoman Pamela Lampitt, State of New Jersey
Deputy Mayor Marie D. Lawrence, Winslow Township
Councilwoman Pearlie C. Lee, Chesilhurst Borough
Committeewoman Evelyn M. Leverett, Winslow Township
Council Karen Lewis, Audubon Park

Councilwoman Maria C. Littles, Chesilhurst Borough
Councilwoman Tina Lomanno, Stratford Borough
Prosecutor Grace MacAulay, Camden County
Councilwoman Nancy MacGregor, Oaklyn Borough
Mayor Phyllis A. Magazzu, Berlin Township
Council President Mary F. Martz, Magnolia Borough
Council President Julie McCleary, Brooklawn Borough
Council Member Patricia McConnell, Brooklawn Borough
Councilwoman Cindy McCoy, Hi-Nella
Councilwoman Cindy Morales, Merchantville Borough
Assemblywoman Gabriela Mosquera, State of New Jersey
Deputy Mayor Michelle Nocito, Voorhees Township
Councilwoman Shawn Parker, Magnolia Borough
Council President Patty Passio, Runnemede Borough
Councilwoman Odessa Patton, Lindenwold Borough
Councilwoman Patricia Pfueller, Hi-Nella
Councilwoman Regina Philipps, Haddon Heights Borough
Mayor Jessica Rafeh, Pennsauken Township
Councilwoman Cheryle Randolph-Sharpe, Lindenwold Borough
Councilwoman Felisha Reyes-Morton, Camden City
Deputy Mayor Nikki Roberts, Pennsauken Township
Commissioner Morgan Robinson, Collingswood Borough
Commissioner Carmen Rodriguez, Camden County
Councilwoman Carole Roskoph, Cherry Hill Township
Councilwoman Kate Russo, Haddon Heights Borough
Council President Sharon Earley, Woodlynne Borough
Mayor Susan Shin-Angulo, Cherry Hill Township
Councilwoman Sandra Sinon, Lindenwold Borough
Councilwoman Nohemi G. Soria-Perez, Camden City
Councilwoman Kristen K. Stokes, Audubon Park
Councilwoman Holly Strobl, Clementon Borough
Councilwoman Andrea Stubbs, Gloucester Township
Councilwoman Marilyn Torres, Camden City
Council Vice-President Tracey Trotto, Gloucester Township
Councilwoman Dot Valianti, Oaklyn Borough
Mayor Mry Ann Wardlow, Lawnside
Councilwoman Shelly Wilson, Magnolia Borough
Councilwoman Michelle Winters, Gloucester Township
Councilwoman Dawn Wright-McLeod, Lawnside