Women’s History Month

Women Who Tell Our Stories: To reflect this year’s theme, Camden County is highlighting the stories of women who continue to contribute to the success and progress of our county and its communities. From education, to healthcare, to business owners and those in leadership positions, these women have demonstrated selflessness and dedicated their time to bettering the lives of those in our communities while making a real lasting impact on our county. Please join us this month in our daily celebration of the women who continue to make Camden County a safe, and enjoyable place to live. 

We know many of them juggle multiple responsibilities both personally and professionally but still manage to get the job done! Let’s applaud these women for their leadership, strength, and resilience.


Camden County Women Who Tell Our Stories

Each day, Camden County will feature outstanding women and share their stories.  Check back daily!



Camden County Mayors

Mayor of Berlin Township, Phyllis Magazzu
Mayor of Chesilhurst Borough, Jamila Odom Bremmer
Mayor of Cherry Hill, Susan Shin Angulo 

Camden County is incredibly honored to highlight the women who are the faces of some of our communities, working to make life and our environment better for all our residents. Our Camden County Mayors have continued to provide effective community services and work everyday to fulfill the goal of cultivating a happy, and safe society within our county. We thank these strong women for all they’ve done for the people of Camden County, and are looking forward to their continued success. 




Camden County Leadership

Anna Marie Wright, Purchasing Agent
Laura Paffenroth, Assistant County Counsel
Catherine Binowski, Human Resource Director

From those in our administration to the women running our departments, our county relies on the resilience and motivation of these women to stay a cohesive government and keep our residents happy with their communities. These women run numerous programs to give back to our Camden County citizens and dedicate their time to the growth and development of these departments. Women have always been the backbone of our county, and thanks to their collective efforts, Camden County continues to provide our residents with year round activities, and an inviting place to live.


Ma’isha L. Aziz

A Camden attorney and community activist, Ma’isha L. Aziz  has dedicated years of her professional career to giving back to the youth through the NAACP Camden County. Graduated highschool at 16, college at 20, and law school at 23, Aziz went on to open her own law firm at just 27 years old. Back in December, Ma’isha Aziz was recognized for all her efforts throughout the years and was inducted into the 2022 Rutgers African American Alumni Alliance Hall of Fame. Aziz has been tackling issues at the forefront that are impacting our youth, such as issues of diversity & race, education innovation, health & well-being, environmental and climate justice, and supporting next generation leaders with her position at NAACP. Aside from her advocacy, Maisha Aziz has continued to educate young adults at Rutgers University following 15 years in Business Law and instilling change in young people’s lives. 



Camden County Leadership

Donna Minster, Director of Children’s Services
Caryelle Lasher, Director of Health & Human Services
Sharon Bean, Camden County Corrections
Maggie McCann, Director of Parks

From those in our administration to the women running our departments, our county relies on the resilience and motivation of these women to stay a cohesive government and keep our residents happy with their communities. These women run numerous programs to give back to our Camden County citizens and dedicate their time to the growth and development of these departments. Women have always been the backbone of our county, and thanks to their collective efforts, Camden County continues to provide our residents with year round activities, and an inviting place to live.



Cultural Champions 

Nurah Muhammad 
Meryl Greene 
Gwen De Vera
Dorri Nelson Brown

The Cultural Awareness Commission was founded in efforts to facilitate awareness of the cultural diversity of various racial, ethnic, and religious communities among Camden County.  These cultural champions of women have banded together to foster a community energy that uplifts and promotes human dignity, peace, empathy, and understanding. All of these women have actively demonstrated their desire and passion in spreading awareness to the county’s cultural diversity and we thank them for all their continued efforts in making Camden County a safe, and peaceful place for all. 



Janell Simpson 

Ever since she was young, Janell Simpson knew that law enforcement was her calling, applying to the Camden County Police Department right out of high school, but little did she know that she would end up making Camden County history. Just in this last year, Simpson has advanced in her career, holding the rank of deputy chief of police in Camden as well as the first woman and Latina to do so in the city’s history and continuing to strengthen the department’s community-focused policing. She often encourages women & girls to consider a career in law enforcement, noting that the profession needs more women in leadership and strives to hopefully be a reflection for others like her. Janell Simpson hopes to mentor young officers looking to join the force and inspire department’s future leaders, and continues to be the change our city needed. 

Rosy Arroyo

A Cherry Hill resident, Rosy Arroyo actively works to improve the public safety of our county and the justice system, specifically how it impacts the youth of Camden. She strives to improve both policies and practices to ensure the best outcomes for individuals, their families and their neighborhoods as they re-enter the community upon release from detainment. She’s also recently helped re-establish the Multi-Agency Life Line (MALL) program – a diversion program for first-time youth offenders to keep them out of the criminal justice system and instead toward a better path to avoid future offenses. Thanks to Rosy’s countless efforts, the Camden County Police Department has been making impactful strides to help keep the youth off the streets and safe. 



Camden County Row Officers 

Surrogate Michelle Genterk-Mayer
Prosecutor Grace C. MacAulay

Camden County is honored to be highlighting these two women of our very own. These two women actively work everyday for our county and make sure everything we do is done effectively. Michelle Gentek-Meyer brings experience, compassion, and many years of public service to her role. She has orchestrated several initiatives within our county, including expanding our sustainability efforts, and our court’s community outreach. Surrogate Gentek-Mayer’s advocacy, passion and vision have kept her grounded in community activism. Grace C. MacAulay was sworn in as Camden County Prosecutor on January 6, 2022, after spending most of her professional career with the CCPO.  Prosecutor MacAulay co-founded the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, “The Friends of the Camden County Child Advocacy Center” which supports the needs of child abuse victims and their families. We applaud these women for all their efforts and hard work towards bettering our communities. 




Camden County Commissioners 


Commissioner Melinda Kane

Longetime Cherry Hill resident, Melinda Kane has been giving back to her community as a voice for families and neighborhoods. After tragically losing her son, Marine Lance Corporal Jeremy Kane, to the war in Afghanistan, Kane had decided it was time to recommit to public service as she was filled with gratitude for a community that supported her during this loss in her life. Melinda is a proud American Gold Star Mother who is active with many organizations serving military families and veterans. In her role as Commissioner, she leads several primary assignments such as Veterans Affairs, Cultural & Heritage Commission, the Library Commission, and Department of Buildings and Operations. https://www.camdencounty.com/contact/melinda-kane/


Commissioner Virginia Betteridge

Born in Havana, Cuba, Virginia Betteridge immigrated to Gloucester City as a child with her family. She knew early on that she had a passion for helping others and has spent more than 16 years of her life in the fields of medicine, human services and local government. In 1994, Betteridge was elected to serve as a member of the Runnemede Borough, ultimately giving her the experience she needed when she was elected as mayor in 2005, making her the first Latina mayor in the history of the state at the time. A fierce advocate, Virginia Betteridge hopes that her accomplishments in local government will blaze a trail for generations to come. https://www.camdencounty.com/contact/virginia-betteridge/



 Camden County Leadership

Holly Cass, Deputy County Administrator 
Emeshe Arzón, County Counsel
Carmen G. Rodriguez, County Superintendent 

From those in our administration to the women running our departments, our county relies on the resilience and motivation of these women to stay a cohesive government and keep our residents happy with their communities. These women run numerous programs to give back to our Camden County citizens and dedicate their time to the growth and development of these departments. Women have always been the backbone of our county, and thanks to their collective efforts, Camden County continues to provide our residents with year round activities, and an inviting place to live.


Dana Redd

With over 25 years of experience in the public sector, Dana Redd has been a proven leader for her community and has demonstrated organizational change through her time as Camden mayor from 2010 to 2018. She was able to transform an entire community with new public housing, expanded access to healthcare, improved parks and open space, as well as, provided community supportive services for residents to reach self-sufficiency. Ms. Redd advocates and recognizes the significance of grassroots activism, civic participation, and responsible restoration. During her time in Camden, she was often referred to as “The woman warrior who might just change Camden.” Dana Redd has fostered a unique ability to effect change and has been a beacon of hope for the communities that were able to thrive because of her efforts. 

Our Camden County Veterans

Edith Weaver
Loretta Aydelotte

May Brill
Constance Cotton
Sally Stenton

Camden County is incredibly proud of the opportunity to honor these strong, courageous women who notably served our country.  Their bravery, sacrifice, and strength do not go unnoticed, and we will always be indebted to them for all that they have given to the country and our communities. Whether they served in their youth or into adulthood, we would like to thank them for their service, and for their time, bravery, and sacrifice for this country. To learn more about our Veteran’s Affairs and what programs Camden County offers our vets on a daily basis, visit https://www.camdencounty.com/service/veterans-affairs/


Leona Davis 

Haddonfield resident Leona Davis is the founder of Forget Me Knot, a floral repurposing company servicing NJ and outer areas. She decided to repurpose wedding flowers into bouquets for seniors at her local nursing home. After seeing the positive reactions from her deed and the smiles on their faces, Davis knew this was something that had just begun. Now, she uses donated wedding flowers to connect with people in local nursing homes, hospitals, care facilities, and shelters, personally gifting them bedside bouquets to light up their spaces. To learn more about her cause or interested in donating your flowers, visit https://forgetmeknotflowers.org/

Sue Quinn Morris

Sue Quinn Morris has been one of the county’s biggest advocates for Veterans support, representing a strong devotion to community service. In 2009, Morris created Patriots Connection, a site that provides online resources for veterans, military members, and first responders. The site compiles a comprehensive list of outreach events, collects and disburses donations, and researches and returns lost dog tags. Since the creation of the program, nearly 150 dog tags have been returned with more still currently in the works. Sue Quinn Morris continues to be involved in the county’s Veteran Affairs, playing an important role in several programs and events. To learn more about Patriot Connection and see how you can help, please visit https://www.patriotconnections.org/



Camden County Legislatures:

Senator Nilsa Cruz-Perez

Born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, Senator Cruz-Perez has long been a serving member of her communities and country. Since being elected to the Senate, she has sponsored laws that improve Camden’s operations and economy, enhance state and legislative ethical standards, establish a body armor grant program for sheriff departments, and allow public housing projects to evict residents convicted of certain crimes. We applaud Senator Cruz-Perez for all her continued work in making Camden County a better place to live. https://www.facebook.com/NilsaCruzPerez/

Assemblywoman Pam Lampitt

Lampitt has been representing the municipalities of Burlington and Camden Counties since 2006, and as well as being the Deputy Speaker in the General Assembly since 2012.  One of her most notable accomplishments was in 2007, when Lampitt was the lead sponsor of the Comprehensive Statewide Transfer Agreement, which allows community college students to “seamlessly” transfer credits to four-year public universities. The law has been noted as “the Lampitt Law.” Assemblywoman Pam Lampitt continued efforts in bettering our country has not gone unnoticed, and we are thrilled to honor and highlight her for Women’s History Month. https://www.njleg.state.nj.us/legislative-roster/251/assemblywoman-lampitt

Assemblywoman Gabriela Mosquera

When she was just three years old, Assemblywoman Mosquera immigrated to the US from Ecuador, eventually going on to be elected into the New Jersey Assembly in 2012, representing the Camden County and Gloucester County municipalities of the 4th district. Assemblywoman Gabriela Mosquera has been a champion for women’s rights throughout her entire career, and we thank her for all the work she has done for those in our district and state. https://www.njleg.state.nj.us/legislative-roster/356/assemblywoman-mosquera



Camden County’s Addiction Awareness Task Force:

Marianne Aleardi
Ann D. Biondi
Patty DiRenzo
Marla Meyers

To promote awareness and educate county citizens about the rising health epidemic of narcotics and drug use, The Camden County Board of Commissioners banded together to create the Addiction Awareness Task Force back in 2014. Since then, the task force has implemented several different awareness campaigns and solutions to help better the community and keep the people safe. The task force consists of many of Camden County’s leadership as many in government are passionate about the issues surrounding addiction and creating ways to support the public. These women have devoted their time and energy to the efforts the task force has put forth, and have been a pivotal part in the county’s efforts to fight against this epidemic. 



Camden County Mayors

Mayor of Haddonfield, Colleen Bianco Bezich
Mayor of Winslow Township, Marie D. Lawrence
Mayor of Barrington Borough, Patti Harris

Camden County is incredibly honored to highlight the women who are the faces of some of our communities, working to make life and our environment better for all our residents. Our Camden County Mayors have continued to provide effective community services and work everyday to fulfill the goal of cultivating a happy, and safe society within our county. We thank these strong women for all they’ve done for the people of Camden County, and are looking forward to their continued success. 



Suzanne Ghee  

Ghee has been a champion for community health for over 20 years with her background in healthcare and nonprofits. She was head of Community Health Engagement at Virtua Health System where she developed a number of ground-breaking initiatives that targeted the socioeconomic determinants of health. In return, she created the Virtua Mobile Farmers Market, a mobile market that provides access to produce year-round with the goal of improving health and ensuring good nutrition in underserved areas. Currently, Ghee is Chair of the Cherry Hill Free Clinic and serves on the Board of Trustees to the Food Bank of South Jersey. Suzanne Ghee has worked her whole career to advance mission through purposeful advocacy, policy and social impact. 

Jordan Grabelle

At a young age, Jordan Grabelle took notice of and was alarmed at the amount of children that couldn’t read to their grade level while volunteering at child literacy events. She set out to bridge this gap and equalize the educational field. So, at just ten years old, Grabelle had begun making a difference in her community and the lives around her when she founded a program that provides families with handmade literacy packets, “Love Letters for Literacy,” that, six years later, has become an impactful nonprofit promoting child literacy worldwide. If interested in learning more about Love Letters for Literacy or looking to volunteer, head to https://lovelettersliteracy.org/ for more information.  



Camden County Mayors

Mayor of Lawnside, Mary Ann Wardlow
Mayor of Magnolia, BettyAnn Cowling-Carson

Camden County is incredibly honored to highlight the women who are the faces of some of our communities, working to make life and our environment better for all our residents. Our Camden County Mayors have continued to provide effective community services and work everyday to fulfill the goal of cultivating a happy, and safe society within our county. We thank these strong women for all they’ve done for the people of Camden County, and are looking forward to their continued success.


 Isis Williams
A Collingswood resident and President of the non-profit Haddon Township Equity Initiative, Williams is a committed warrior for the community, fighting for equality for those in the minority. In 2022, her organization hosted the town’s first ever Pride parade and even received recognition from the state for her efforts. Isis has united town leadership, our esteemed police and fire departments, and a wide range of community members behind the task of launching the three day event encompassing a parade, a nonprofit fair and a pool party for LGBTQIA families. Isis is an open-minded person who works diligently and effectively to create a place where everyone can flourish and grow, regardless of their ethnic background or orientations. 


Shani Nuckols
Co leading the New Jersey chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a nonpartisan volunteer-driven organization fighting for public safety measures reducing gun violence, Nuckols has advocated for stronger gun laws and helped pass three packages of bills, which include: an Extreme Risk Protection Order to protect at-risk people from accessing firearms in their homes and harming themselves or others during times of vulnerability; background checks on all private firearm sales; funding to support hospital-based violence interruption programs; and protocols that allow the attorney general to hold gun manufacturers accountable for irresponsible sales and marketing. Shani Nuckols has dedicated her time and efforts to protecting not only the youth, but people of all ages against the trauma and tragedy that comes from gun violence and fights every day for change. 


Animal Alliance of Camden County

The Animal Alliance of Camden County was formed in 2011 by local animal welfare organizations and the Camden County Board of Commissioners, who decided to coordinate their efforts to better serve the pets and residents of the county. These organizations work together to improve the well being of pets and their owners in the community, often holding adoption events, spay/neuter partnerships, and transporting animals in need of assistance. Our local animal shelters are run by women who have dedicated their time and efforts to better the community and make sure all animals are provided with a loving home and are provided with the care they deserve. 

Animal Adoption Center, 501 Berlin Rd N Lindenwold, NJ Website
 Kathleen Leary, Executive Director

Voorhees Animal Orphanage, 419 Cooper Road, Voorhees, NJ Website
Dawn Mason, Executive Director

Animal Welfare Association, 509 Centennial Blvd, Voorhees, NJ 08043 Website
Laura Houston, Executive Director 

Nyzia Esterling

Nyzia Esterling has taken her trauma of losing her husband, James Brown, to gun violence to help better and heal the community from these tragedies and bring together those dealing with the same loss for support. In those efforts, Esterling founded Saving Grace Ministries in 2011 with 30 other families, providing free peer support groups and activities for children, young adults, and adults after a traumatic experience or death of a loved one. Now, it has served 1,100-and counting in both Camden and Philadelphia, through partnerships with schools, prosecutors, and child advocates — all hoping to end the cycle of trauma and violence in young people. For more information on the work they do, please visit https://www.savinggraceministriesinc.com/


Muqaddas Ejaz

Voorhees resident and longtime community activist, Muqaddas Ejaz has become a strong advocate for those with disabilities, more specifically in the Muslim culture. She noticed a lack of resources for Muslims with disabilities and decided to be the change her community needed. Ejaz sat on the board of Camden County Cultural and Heritage Commission and the Human Relations Advisory Committee for several years, using her leadership skills to help strengthen the cultural framework of the county. More recently, she’s been working with Muhsen, an Islamic organization dedicated to supporting Muslims with disabilities, for the past three years now as well as serving as the Muhsen facilitator at the GCLEA, the Cherry Hill Mosque. As facilitator, she was able to partner with other Mosques to provide language translation services, create virtual or in-person information sessions and trainings about the disabled community for the mosque boards, Imams and volunteers, and create information sessions about the people with disabilities in various languages. Muqaddas Ejaz continues to be a shining light and great example of what it means to rally for those lacking resources and help in our communities.  


Julie Beddingfield

As Haddonfield’s 2022 Citizen of the Year, Beddingfield has put her knowledge and experience as an environmental and land-use lawyer to use, for the benefit of our community. Sitting as a chair on the Haddonfield Environmental Commission, she has led a variety of projects that led to the formation of Sustainable Haddonfield. She oversaw the work necessary to attain silver-level certification from Sustainable Jersey  and receive a $10,000 grant to develop a Green Building and Sustainability Element for Haddonfield’s Master Plan.Julie spent a lot of her time meeting with individual stakeholders and civic groups to find projects that would pique their interest in the program as a whole. She found ways to work together and made the certification truly a town-wide success. As the owner of Inkwood Books, Julie uses her store and her social media presence as a platform for a diversity of ideas and perspectives. The store supports literacy initiatives throughout the region, and numerous Haddonfield programs related to reading and literacy. 



Hala Al-Shawaf Barson

Shawaf Barson is a dedicated community development volunteer who has been for her entire career. With a focus on the arts, access to behavioral health and addiction treatment services, and varied STEM entrepreneurship/career preparedness, she’s engaged in a number of non-profit boards and committees. In order to meet the unmet demand for cybersecurity-focused, solutions-driven, efficiency-focused telecommunications services with fair and transparent billing procedures, Shawaf Barson co-founded the company VoIP Doctors Business Telecommunications in Cherry Hill. She is a devoted advocate for using technology to empower businesses and their workforces. She is chair of the Small Business Council and an ambassador for the Chamber of Commerce of Southern New Jersey. She earned certification for VoIP Doctors as a Women’s Business Enterprise to connect with other organizations that seek leadership, learning and mutual growth in diverse entrepreneurship. She is also a Women’s Business Enterprise Center EAST NextGen Committee leader and an active member of Impact100 South Jersey.



Toni Walton

If you’re a fan of the hit TLC show “Cake Boss” then you might already know who Toni Walton is. Working for and appearing on the show for seasons 1&2, Walton gained all the knowledge and experience she needed in LA to open her own bakeshop and share her delicious recipes with the rest of us. Sweet T’s Bakeshop specializes in all things baked goods and pastries, including cupcakes, cookies, and specialty cakes for any occasion. Unlike every other bakeshop, you’ll find Sweet T’s treats are crafted with creativity. Taste and quality are important to Walton, and that’s why everything is made from scratch, but nothing is more important to her than making sure every customer is pleased with their treats and sweets. If you’re looking for some unique desserts, be sure to make your way to Haddonfield and visit Sweet T’s to fulfill your next cravings. http://sweettsbakeshop.mobi/

Corinne Bradley-Powers

For more than 30 years, Corrine’s Place has been a beacon for many in Camden with her “soul food with a touch of class” style. Bradley-Powers has been nourishing her community with food for decades, but has also made a habit of employing many of our youths who grew up in Camden, as well as being a mentor who always had advice to give. The recipes that fuel Corinne’s Place can be traced back to the days she spent in her home kitchen, watching and later helping her mom. Food built community and also knitted the women of the family together. The mayor of Camden has recognized her as a “legendary, iconic” pillar to the community with not only the great soul food she dishes out, but also her commitment to the city as she has also served as a social worker for the Camden County Juvenile Department, counseling young kids out of drug use and crimes. Corrine Bradley-Powers continues to be a foundation of hope and support as well as a talented, award winning cook whose name will live on for generations to come. Her tasteful dishes can be found on https://www.corinnesplace.com/

Nichelle Pace

A Camden resident, Pace sits as the Vice President of the Board of Directors for the Camden Business Association, pursuing her love for community and passion for issues of diversity and inclusion. In efforts to help small businesses in Camden and the regional area, Nichelle Pace launched the Small Biz Digital Bootcamp (TM), a series of workshops and consultations to educate in branding and digital marketing. All of Nichelle’s efforts have been aimed at developing a diverse and prosperous business environment for the Camden Business Community. Building partnerships and supporting local purchasing initiatives with Camden’s anchor institutions, major corporations, regional business organizations, city, county, and state agencies, she actively advocates for opportunities and resources for small and minority-owned businesses as well as large business entities at the city, county, and state levels. Nichelle not only provides a voice for Camden businesses but also educates on how to be competitive in the marketplace.


Brennah Lambert

For Brennah Lambert, eating vegan is part of the pursuit for a healthier lifestyle. The 26 year old Rutgers-Camden graduate pursued her dream of culinary and creativity by opening LesbiVeggies in 2021, an all vegan, black owned, LGBTQ friendly business in Audobon, NJ and has become a hit in the community since its opening.  She strives to be an example for those in the black communities to help educate on healthy eating and making it accessible for everyone. Lambert began eating vegan during her time at Rutgers and has since been exploring the spectrum of veganism and discovering her own styles and techniques. If you’re looking for something new to try, LesbiVeggies should be first on your list! Visit https://www.lesbiveggies.com/ to browse her delicious, creative dishes.


Lovell Pugh-Bassett

Just last year, Pugh-Bassett was introduced as the new sixth president of Camden County College, making her the first person of color to lead the College in its 54 years. Prior to her new position, Dr. Pugh-Bassett served as the Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness, Advancement, and Strategic Initiatives at Camden County College since August 2019. This marked her return to higher education after 20 years with the New Jersey Department of Education, having served in a number of capacities culminating in the role of Camden County Executive County Superintendent of Schools. Camden County College is one of the largest community colleges in New Jersey and ranks among the top nationwide in terms of associate degree graduates. Her philosophy of leadership and education is the idea of merging education with advocacy and her inherent mission is to serve the community as a community college.  Interested to see what she has in store for Camden County College? Stay up to date by visiting their website and follow her progress. 



Kathleen Noonan

In 2018, Kathleen Noonan was introduced as the new CEO for the Camden Coalition, a community-based nonprofit working to improve care for people with complex health and social needs in the city of Camden, New Jersey, and across the country, bringing a blend of academic and management expertise that has helped the Coalition grow even stronger. Before taking on her role at the Coalition,  Noonan co-founded PolicyLab back in 2008, a research center at Children’s Hospital with more than 60 clinicians, faculty, and staff who use clinical research to solve real world challenges to the health and well-being of vulnerable children and youth and continues to be a guiding resource for those in healthcare still to this day. With degrees in Psychology and Law, Kathleen Noonan has always been deeply engaged in the communities in which she has lived and continues her efforts to improve the lives of the people of Camden County.  If interested in learning more about PolicyLab and all they work they’ve accomplished, visit https://policylab.chop.edu/


Jennifer Lewis-Hall

A Cherry Hill resident, Lewis-Hall has established a remarkable career in network, local, and multimedia television with a focus on spreading awareness of a variety of issues affecting our communities including human trafficking, volunteerism, community service, and the importance of education. Lewis-Hall wears many hats as she is a Philadelphia news anchor at PHL17, manager of community affairs, and a member of the Cherry Hill African Civic Association. She established the Arthur & Evelyn Lewis Trailblazer Award in 2018,  recognizing scholarship applicants who have given back to their communities. Jennifer is the host and producer of PHL17’s public affairs programs “Politics In Focus” and “In Focus” where she shines a spotlight on politics and topics ranging from heroin and opioid addiction – to “green job” initiatives for people who were previously incarcerated and seeking to change their lives. In the last few years, Lewis-Hall has been a national keynote speaker for the Speaking of Women’s Health Foundation, where she has presented motivational and inspiring messages to thousands of women throughout the country. Interested in her work? You can catch her every Saturday and Sunday on PHL 17 for her program “In Focus.”https://phl17.com/in-focus/


Sonia Chugh

An educator for more than 20 years, Sonia Chugh was recognized as Camden County’s Teacher of the Year in 2021 for her focus on helping immigrants’ navigate language and cultural barriers during their high school years. Born and raised in India, Chugh came to this country, lived in and was educated in the American Midwest, before settling several years ago in South Jersey. Chugh works at LEAP Academy High School in Camden and teaches English as a Second Language (ESL). “My students can connect more with me, knowing I am an immigrant myself, and they have more confidence in my abilities and more in their own as time goes by,” Chugh told the Cherry Hill Sun when interviewed on her new title as Teacher of the Year. Sonia Chugh continues her efforts to help her students overcome the barriers that lie in front of them and aims to provide culturally and linguistically responsive education for all English language learners to ensure equitable access to opportunities. 


Priscilla Frederick Loomis

Raised in Winslow Township, Loomis is a retired Professional Track and Field Athlete and 2016 Olympian. Thanks to her success, she has been featured in The New York Times, CNN and National Geographic. Since hanging up her running shoes and medals, Loomis has stepped up to be a voice of motivation for those listening. Her focus has been speaking on turning obstacles into opportunities, balancing health & wellness & overall empowerment. In addition to being a public speaker, Priscilla Loomis has also founded The Frederick Foundation, with her mission to provide assistance and relief to individuals, families, communities, and organizations through the generosity and love of people. The foundation focuses on single-parent households, community advocacy, and random acts of kindness. Through fundraising, she hopes to provide scholarships, assist with academic expenses, support community outreach, and much more. Eventually, her goal is to help 1,000,000 people! To learn more about Priscilla Loomis and all the work she continues to do, visit https://priscillaloomis.com/