Camden County Celebrates Earth Day 2024

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This Earth Day, it’s important for each and every one of us to do our part to take care of our planet and home to make it a better and cleaner place for all.

Since Earth Day raises awareness about protecting our planet, you can engage in various environment-related activities to make the day special. You can pledge to avoid using plastics in your home, go on nature walks, make lifestyle changes that reduce your carbon footprint, educate your family and friends on ways to save the environment, and more. You can also learn the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle and practise them in your lifestyle.

As Camden County residents, here are some ways to take part in celebrating Earth Day today and every day:


Participate in the Great Global Cleanup

Communities all around the country participate in local clean up events to help pick up trash from our streets and create cleaner environments for residents. So, get your gloves ready, Camden! It’s time to come together for our annual Clean Up days and make a positive impact on our environment. To get involved in helping clean the community this spring and summer, check out our events calendar with upcoming volunteer clean ups. Be sure not to miss the first one Tuesday, April 23rd. 



Support Local Growers

Make a difference in your community and the environment by choosing fresh, local produce and native plants from nearby nurseries. Join a community garden or shop at the many Camden County farmers’ markets to support local growers and enjoy the benefits of healthy living! When you buy locally grown produce, you’re supporting farmers in your community and reducing the carbon footprint associated with long-distance transportation. By eating locally, you’re also reducing the need for packaging and refrigeration, which reduces waste and energy consumption.  You can find a list of our markets here!



Volunteer at a Wildlife Sanctuary

Calling all animal lovers and Earth warriors! Unleash your passion for wildlife and conservation by exploring volunteer opportunities in your area. From wildlife tours to hands-on care, there are countless ways to make a difference. Connect with local wildlife refuge organizations or embark on a journey with Camden County’s Animal Alliance by volunteering your time and making donations. Together, we can protect and preserve our planet’s incredible biodiversity. To learn more about our shelters, their programs and what you can do to get involved, visit CamdenCounty/AnimalAlliance.



Start a Seed Swap

Let’s grow together, Camden County! Thanks to the efforts of Camden County Certified Gardener volunteers, the Seed Saving Library provides free seeds to all residents. By collecting seeds from various sources, we are working towards a sustainable future and preserving genetic diversity for generations to come. In addition to seeds, the program offers the tools you need to become a successful gardener. The Camden County Certified Gardeners are available throughout your gardening journey and can answer all your questions and concerns. Ready to dive in and choose your seeds? You can learn more at Seed Saving Library. 



Hike the Trails and Clean Up the Wilderness

Ready to make a lasting impact?  Join local organizations this Earth Day and get your hands dirty for a cause! Build trails, maintain campgrounds, and help remove invasive species to protect our forests and grasslands. By working together, we can create a healthier planet for future generations. Trails are a key ingredient in preserving open space and encouraging public interest in habitat and natural landscapes. Increased development has contributed to the creation of habitat “islands”— isolating wildlife, reducing their natural habitats and survival. Trails provide that important link between these island populations and habitats and increase the available land to many wildlife species. So lace up your hiking boots, explore Camden County’s parks, and be a part of the wilderness. Let’s protect our planet, one trail at a time! Click here to view a list of hiking trails in Camden County and see where you can start!



Become an Environmental Advocate

Earth Day is a reminder that we all have a role to play in protecting our planet. Share your passion for sustainability by taking action in your community. We all have a role to play. Whether it’s educating kids, reducing plastic waste, or advocating for cleaner waterways, your voice matters. From plastic pollution, to climate change, to protecting land, to sustainable agriculture, there are many things we can speak up for and make changes in our every day lives to help better our communities and make them safer and livable for everyone. Join the movement for a greener, healthier planet. Together, we can make a difference! Looking for more, simpler tips on how to be more sustainable every day? Click here to read about the little things you can do.