State’s Oldest and Largest Elm Tree Celebrated on Arbor Day

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Freeholder Jeff Nash joined Audubon Borough officials to mark Arbor Day 2019 by recognizing a 226-year-old tree that is considered the largest Elm tree in Camden County and the entire state.

“When this tree was planted, George Washington was in his second term as President and Camden County wasn’t founded for another 50 years,” Nash said.  “I can’t think of a better place to celebrate Arbor Day and call attention to the importance of planting and maintaining our plants and trees across Camden County for the benefit of future generations.”

Tree Stats:
Ulmus Americana
Planted circa 1793
Height 105’
Crown 90’
American Forrest National System: 303

The state Department of Environmental Protection has been keeping a register of trees since 1954 chronicling any and all specific historic and noteworthy trees.

A plaque will be affixed by the borough next to the tree to commemorate the momentous occasion and underscore the importance that trees play throughout our Camden County community.