Statement Regarding Biden Administration’s Regulation on Ghost Guns

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The statement below is by Commissioner Director Louis Cappelli Jr. on behalf of the Board of Commissioners regarding the Biden administration’s regulation on ghost guns


“Yesterday, President Joe Biden and his administration announced new regulations surrounding the assembly and purchase of untraceable firearms, commonly known as ghost guns. Under this new legislation, anyone purchasing a kit to assemble one of these weapons would be required to undergo a background check, as is required for other kinds of firearm purchases. People selling these kits would also be required to include a serial number on the, so the firearm can be traced by law enforcement.


For us, at the Camden County Police Department, we are seeing more and more ghost guns coming off the streets and being commissioned as a weapon in violent crimes. These illegal firearms have been plaguing our streets for the several years and these new regulations will be extremely helpful to law enforcement here in our county. Furthermore, I want to see the manufacturers of these tools of violence being held responsible for the pain and terror they cause on a regular basis in our community. 


I commend President Biden for introducing this framework that could help us solve the critically important issue of gun violence that we have plaguing our country. Too many lives have been lost at the hands of criminals with ghost guns and too many criminals have gone unpunished but under these regulations, it would be easier to get untraceable weapons out of the hands of violent offenders. This can not only reduce the overall crime rate but it would also save the lives of innocent Americans who are so often caught in the crossfire of gun violence.