Statement from Commissioner Cappelli Regarding President Biden’s Speech to Congress

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“Last night, President Biden laid out a path to a better American future. In his first address to Congress, the president drew a map to job creation, environmental protection, economic opportunity, and a leveling of the playing field for the backbone of our country – the middle class.

This pivotal and precarious moment, borne not just out of the pandemic but decades of misguided economic and social policy priorities, requires bold, expansive prescriptions. For mothers and families struggling to care for their children, for young adults seeking affordable higher education, and for workers faced with a rapidly changing economy, tinkering at the margins offers no relief. Americans need a complete overhaul of how our system works and who it is designed to benefit, and that is exactly what President Biden has proposed.

COVID-19 wrought untold devastation on our country and our economy. Families were left less than whole, jobs were lost, and budgets tightened at the kitchen table as well as in the offices of local government. If we do not match the pandemic’s impact with a policy agenda of equal strength, then we will risk letting more American families and workers slip through the cracks.

It is my hope that in the weeks and months ahead Congress will act on the president’s proposals for the benefit of all Americans. The problems of climate change, income inequality, and job losses have not survived decades because they are impossible to solve, but because until now many of those in power have lacked the will to act on them in a meaningful way. The president’s proposals do not only help “blue states” or one class of worker but seek to make our system fairer for men and women across the country, regardless of their race, religion, residence, or political beliefs, and they are exactly what America needs in 2021.”