South Jersey Institute for Population Health Announces $500,000 in New Research Funding Along with Revamped Website

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(Camden, NJ) – The South Jersey Institute for Population Health (SJIPH) is pleased to announce that $500,000 in grant funding will be made available to support research projects taking part in the Institute’s second funding cycle. As part of the Institute’s inaugural funding cycle in 2021, SJIPH awarded a total of $230,000 to 11 different projects in the South Jersey region.


The SJIPH, established in 2018 through a state grant received by the Rowan University / Rutgers – Camden Board of Governors, supports collaborative research aimed at addressing health disparities among underserved populations in both rural and urban communities in New Jersey’s southern counties.


“As a state university committed to serving the public good, Rutgers University–Camden is thrilled to partner with Rowan University to support the work of the SJIPH to ensure that all residents of southern New Jersey have access to quality health care,” said Rutgers–Camden Chancellor Antonio D. Tillis. “The work that this institute does and the grants it disburses seeking to ensure equitable health care for all will undoubtedly transform lives.” 


Annette Reboli, the Dean of Cooper Medical School at Rowan University, was enthusiastic in her support for the Institute’s second funding cycle.


“The SJIPH is off to a wonderful start and I am delighted to hear that the Joint Board has approved additional research funding for the upcoming grant cycle,” Reboli said. “These grants will be instrumental in transforming the health of the citizens of southern NJ. Cooper Medical School of Rowan University is proud to be part of this important endeavor.”


Research teams interested in applying for grant funding can learn about the application process at and can submit a brief application and letter of intent on June 1. SJIPH will host a virtual information session on May 25, to review the application process and answer questions from potential applicants directly.


Dana Redd, the chief executive officer for the Rowan University/Rutgers-Camden Board of Governors, talked about the impact that this second round of grant funding will have on the community.


“The objective of these grants is to make the South Jersey region a better, more equitable place to live for every resident from every walk of life,” Redd said. “By getting these funds into the hands of skilled research teams, we can make positive change our communities and we can enhance the overall quality of life for our friends and neighbors.”    


David Mayer, chairman to the Joint Board of Governors, further discussed how the grants will positively impact the region.


“SJIPH funded research is aimed at building a deeper understanding of the experiences of South Jersey communities which will then allow us to take action to advance health equity in this area,” Mayer said. “We’re thrilled to roll out this next phase of funding so we can continue advancing South Jersey into a healthier and happier future.”                  


In addition to the $500,000 in grant funding, SJIPH announced that its website,, has been revamped and now includes information about each of the 11 ongoing research projects SJIPH is currently sponsoring. The website, that was designed to be accessible for both the research community and the general public, now displays each project’s stated goals and intended outcomes, as well as a list of the organizations and institutions involved in the collaborative research. The projects are sortable by research topic, population and geographic location.


As the projects conclude, the website will grow to house the collected data and reported findings from each of the projects in a population health datahub. This data hub will be the first of its kind to make data available to both researchers and the public and is specifically designed to address health disparities in the South Jersey region.