Shopping and Eating Local Kicks into High Gear

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(Camden, NJ) – The Freeholder Board has initiated a new event, commencing this week in support of our Shop Local Campaign called Camden County Eats. This event, spanning from Sept. 24 to Sept. 30, has a variety of local restaurants offering special offers and price fixed menus to entice local spending that will boost job growth and small businesses throughout the region. Every year the Board initiates events promoting the importance of spending money locally making our county a more vibrant place and enhancing our community’s quality of life through the Shop Local initiative.

Freeholder Director Louis Cappelli talked about the benefits of patronizing local restaurants who are major financial contributor to the local economy in so many towns throughout the county.

“Small businesses and restaurants don’t just give us things to buy and food to eat, they bring jobs, investment, and new opportunities into the community,” Cappelli said. “When you buy from the guy or girl that lives down the street, that money stays in Camden County. There’s a huge economic advantage that comes with local spending.”

If each household in Camden County transitions just $10 per month of their out-of-county retail spending to in-county spending, the economic benefit to the county would be approximately $35 million per year.

Cappelli went on to talk about local restaurants being the lifeblood of a local economy.

“There are tangible and intangible benefits to good community minded local eateries. In fact, we have seen entire downtowns transformed on the strength of a good restaurant that creates pedestrian traffic and a real sense of place,” Cappelli explained. “In fact, I could point to my hometown in Collingswood where local restaurants sparked a wholesale revitalization of Haddon Ave over the last 20 years.”

To view the full list of participating restaurants and the discounts they are offering please go to