Sheriff’s Office advises residents of rise in phone scams

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(Camden, NJ)The Camden County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents about a recent rise in phone scams reported in other counties.

“The most recent scam involves a caller posing as a local Sheriff’s Office official, convincing the victim that they have an outstanding warrant or debt and will be arrested unless they send funds via prepaid card,” said Sheriff Whip Wilson. “Residents should never give their personal or financial information to strangers over the phone, and should report any suspicious calls they receive to the police.”

Scammers have often sought personal information and prepaid money cards such as Green Dot MoneyPak cards for false warrants, civil process fees, overdue IRS payments, and non-appearance for jury duty.

Residents who believe they are being victimized, or who are unsure if a call is legitimate, should contact the agency to verify their records, and report the scam to the Sheriff’s Office at (856) 225-7661 or (856) 225-7662.