September 30, 2022

Camden County Mosquito Commission will be conducting ULV “spraying” operations on Friday September 30, 2022 between the hours of 2am-6am in the following locations, weather permitting:

Park Side Dr.
Pondview Ln.
Pondview Ct.
Parktown Pl.
Annie Way
Summer Lea Dr.
Kali Rd.
Blossom Trail
Cherry Grove Ln.
Harvest Ln.
Old Orchard Dr.
Wharton Ave.
Howard Ave.
Wharton State Forest Rd.

Gloucester Twp.
Exeter Dr.
Duval Ct.
Camelot Ct.
Woodlane Dr.
Springlane Dr.
Brooklyn Ct.
Glamis Rd.
Inverness Ct.
Braemar Ave.
Davistown Rd.
Edinburgh Rd.
Clyde Ct.
Argyle Ave.
Fraser Rd.
Hampton Ct.
Douglas Ave.

Pestleton Rd.
Autumn Crest Dr.
Pilgrim Way
Harvest Ln.
Curry Ave.
Hunters Ln.
De Pasquale Estate Dr.
Victoria Ln.
Sylvia Ln.
Station Ln.
Middle Ave.
Condo Ave.
Brookfield Ln.
Chew Rd.
Arrowhead Dr.

E. Williams Ave.
Courtney Dr.
Davis Rd.
Center St.
Timber Dr.
Enders Dr.
Trinity Pl.
Beaver Dr.
Barr Dr.
Lenton Ave.
Cedar Ave.
Little Ln.
Clark Dr.
Shreve Ave.
Heather Dr.
Scheina Ln.
Erie Ave.
Woodland Ave.
Newton Ave.
School Ln.
2nd Ave.
E. Browning Rd.
Russell Ave.
Majestic Ave.
Madison Ave.
S. Moore Ave.
Richards Ave.
Edwards Ave.

Haddon Twp.
Newton Ave.
Eldridge Ave.
Lynne Ave.
Walnut Ave.
Calvert Ave.
Elm Ave.
Laurel Ave.

Schubert Ave.
Drexel Ct.
Harding Ave.
Hill Ave.
Mitchell Ave.
Carlysle Ct.
St. Charles Pl.
W. 1st Ave.
E. 1st Ave.
W. 2nd Ave.
E. 2nd Ave.
E. 3rd Ave.
Central Ave.
Rambler Ave.
Manor Ct.
N. Oakland Ave.
Crescent Ave.
Payne Ave.
S. Payne Ave.
Orchard Ave.
Smith Ln.
N. Read Ave.
Bowers Ave.

Noreg Pl.
Haakon Rd.
Maude Ave.
Christiana St.