September 2. 2022

Camden County Mosquito Commission will be conducting ULV “spraying” operations on Friday September 2, 2022 between the hours of 2am-6am in the following locations, weather permitting:

Audubon Park
Kennedy Dr.
Road C
Wren Rd.
Road B
Peacock Rd.
Road A
School Ln.
Oriole Dr.
Ibis Dr.
Jackdaw Dr.
Skylark Ln.
Raven Pl.
Pelican Dr.
Nightingale Rd.
Mockingbird Ln.
Bobolink Rd.
Albatross Rd.
Eagle Rd.
Goldfinch Rd.
Cardinal Ct.
Dove Terr.
Flamingo Pl.
Kingfisher Pl.
Waxwing Ct.
Turtledove Ct.
Whippoorwill Way
D Rd.
Tanager Ct.
Sandpiper Pl.
Redwing Ct.
Lark Ln.

S. Warwick Rd.
E. Wood Ave.
E. Preston Ave.
E. Earl Ave.
W. Somerdale Rd.
W. Atlantic Ave.
Villa Ave. E.
Kennedy Blvd.
Chestnut Ave.
Oakland Ave.
E. Somerdale Rd.
Parkview Ave.
Cedar Ave.

Gloucester City
Hunter St.
Division St.
6th St.
S. Broadway
7th St.
8th St.
Newton St.
Springdale De.
Greenacres Ln.

E. Collings Ave.
Maple Terr.
Washington Ave.
Lincoln Ave.
Maple Ave.

Haddon Twp.
E. Holly Ave.
Hedgerow Ct.
Cornwall Dr.
Heather Rd.
Johnson Ave.

Dobbs Ave.
S. Bell Rd.
Kingston Ave.
Patterson Ave.
Leaf Ave.
Worthman Ave.
Edgewood Ave.
Creek Rd.

Haddon Heights
Cedar Ave.
Chestnut Ave.
Glenside Ave.
Deevon Ave.
Glenview Ave.
Bellmawr Ave.
Sycamore St.
Prospect Ridge Blvd.
W. High St.

Mount Ephraim
6th Ave.
7th Ave.
8th Ave.
Center Ave.
Pennsylvania Ave.
New Jersey Ave.

Waldorf Ave.
Earle St.
Willgoos Ave.
Lee Ave.
Harris Ave.

Alden Rd.
Washington St.
Hawthorne Rd.
Lucas Blvd.
Troth Ave.
Wedgewood Pl.
Haddon Ave.
Lakeview Dr. N.
Clearbrook Dr.
Cedarcroft Rd.
Winding Way