June 15, 2022

Camden County Mosquito Commission will be conducting ULV “spraying” operations on Wednesday June 15, 2022 between the hours of 2am-6am (Rain date June 16, 2022) in the following locations, weather permitting:

Gloucester Twp.
Spruce Dr.
Maple Dr.
Oak Dr.
Birch Dr.
Powell Dr.
Patricia Ln.
Andrews Rd.
Holly Dr.
Elm Dr.
Preston Dr.
Pinewood Ln.
Pritchard Ln.
Parkhill Ln.
Piedmond Ln.
Peachton Ln.
Penfield Ln.
Pierson Pl.
Peoria Ln.
Peoria Ct.
Hazeltop Dr.
Shenandoah Dr.
Swift Run Dr.
Skyline Dr.
Hazeltop Dr.
Loft Mountain Dr.
Clubhouse Ln.
Springlane Dr.
Camelot Ct.
Exeter Dr.
Woodlane Dr.
Duval Ct.
Douglas Ave.
Argyle Ave.
Hampton Ct.
Fraser Rd.
Edinburgh Rd.
Clyde Ct.
Braemar Ave.
Glamis Rd.
Inverness Ct.

Roberts Dr.
Roberts Ct.
Upton Way
Orchard Ave.
Fenwick Ln.
Harford Rd.
Harford Pl.
Bee Ln.
Bentley Ct.
Bentley Ln.
Wessex Ln.
Hampton Ln.
Hinton Pl.
Hinton Way
Southwick Rd.
Southwick Circle
Chatham Rd.
Roberts Ln.
Dorset Pl.
Dorset Ct.
Wyngate Pl.
Wyngate Rd.
Uptwyn Ct.
Cotswold Rd.
Eden Ln.

Point Breeze
E. Atlantic Ave.
Albertson Ave.
Palethorpe Ave.
Overington Ave.
Palmetta Ave.
Sepviva Ave.
Hazzard Ave.
Orleans Ave.

Haddon Township
Fulling Mill Ln.
Glover Ave.
Sylvan Dr.
S. Park Ave.
13th Ave.

Chew Rd.
Conrad Ave.
Middle Ave.
Station Ln.
Victoria Ln.
Condo Ave.
Brookfield Ln.
Arrowhead Dr.
Sylvia Ln.
Old White Horse Pike
Orlando Dr.
Phebe Ct.
Silvius Ct.

Merion Terr.
Atlantic Ave.
W. Wayne Terr.
Haddon Ave.
W. Narberth Terr.
Pennsylvania Ave.
Lincoln Ave.
Wilson Ave.
Nicholson Rd.
New Jersey Ave.

Haakon Rd.
Christian St.
Noreg Pl.
Old Salem Rd.

Oakwood Rd.
Chesterfield Rd.
Copley Rd.
Copley Pl S.
Copley Pl N.

Harding Ave.
Creek Rd.
Leaf Ave.
Creek Rd.
Hart Ave.
Todd Ave.
Rose Ave.
Barr Ave.
Hall Ave.
Walnut Ave.

W Pine St.
S Lecate Ave.
Chestnut St.
E Atlantic Ave.
Atlantic Ave.
Ervin Ave.
Willets Ave.
S Haviland Ave.
S Logan Ave.
Logan Ave.
Merchant St.
E Taylor Ave.
N Lecate Ave.
E Nicholson Rd.
E Merchant St.
E Graisbury Ave.
E Pine St.

Cooper Ave.
Linden Ave.
Elm Ave.
Evergreen Ave.
Woodlynne Ave.
Front St.
Ferry Ave.