July 7, 2022

Camden County Mosquito Commission will be conducting ULV “spraying” operations on Thursday July 7, 2022 between the hours of 2am-6am (Rain date July 8, 2022) in the following locations, weather permitting:

Gloucester Township
Haines Ave.
Hamilton Ave.
Prospect Ave.
Harrison Ave.
Lincoln Ave.
Garfield Ave.
Cleveland Ave.
Church St.
Washington Ave.
Black Horse Pike
Baptist Ln.
Saint Moritz Dr.
Sugarbush Dr.
Breckenridge Dr.
Mont Blanc Ct.
Stowe Ct.
Edelweiss Ct.
Val David Ct.
Lake Placid Dr.
Killington Ct.
Vail Rd.
Innsbruck Dr.
Aspen Rd.
Persia Ct.
Kearsley Rd.
Hinchliffe Ln.
Highwoods Ave.
Cedar Grove Dr.
Wood Thrush Ave.
Oak Leaf Ct.
Parkview Dr.
Blue Spruce Dr.
Indiana Ave.
Cloverdale Rd,
E. Lake Ave.
Trinity Ln.
Devonshire St.
State St.
Cecelia Dr.
Vassar Pl.
Trinity Ave.
Lehigh Ave.
Cornell Ave.
Jerome Ave.
Adrienne Ave.
Adrienne Ct.
Carol Ave.
Indiana Ct.
Crestview Ave.
6th Ave.
Wallings Ave.

Stone Rd.
Grand Ave.
Madison Ave.
Central Ave.
Columbia Ave.
E. Stafford Ave.
E. Elma Ave.
Maple Ave.
E. Atlantic Ave.
Fairmount Ave.

Granger Ave.
Aqua Ln.
Lake Dr.
Shoreline Dr.
Beach Dr.
Fenway Ave.
Ebbetts Dr.
Ebbetts Ct.
Forbes Dr.
Baker Ave.
Crosley Dr.
Wrigley Ct.
Tioga ave.
Fair Ave.
Ontario Ave.
7th Ave.
Landing Rd.
Titgen Ave.
Apple St.
9th Ave.
10th Ave.
7th Ave.
12th Ave.
Florence Ave.
Camden Ave.
Girard Ave.
Nelson Ave.
Richardson Ave.
Stevens Ave.
New Jersey Ave.
Gibbons Ct.
Hayes Mill Rd.
Cooper Folly Rd.
Bartal Ct.
Trout Dr.
Lakeside Dr.
Lakeside Ct.
Wakefield Rd.
Bruno Ln.
Waterfords Edge Ct.
Bromley Ct.
Villas Ct.
Foxton Dr.
Oakton Dr.
5th St.
Bellevue Ave.
Bellevue Ct.
Almira Ave.
Atco Ave.
4th St.
Jackson Rd.
Dayton Ave.
Camilla Ave.
3rd St.
Fox Ct.
Fox Ln.
Fox Run Dr.
Forrest Dr.
Louden Ln.
Louden Terr.
Longwood Ln.
Richards Ave.
Cannery Row
Linda Ln.
Partridge Way
Linden Ave.
Judith Ln.
Ilene Ln.
Todd Ct.
State St.
Gardens Ave.
Whispering Pines Dr.
Waterbridge Dr.
Front St.
Sapling Way
Alsarah Ct.
Mary Anna Dr.
Susan Ct.
Plinder Ct.
Leon Ct.
Pamela Pl.
Andria Ct.
Gerald Ct.
Memorial Ct.
Tricia Ct.
Albert Ct.
Pamela Ct.
Laurie Ct.
Lelache Ave.
Murray Hill Dr.
Almira Ave.
Bellevue Ave.
2nd St.
Church St.
Raritan Ave.
Cooper Rd.
Anderson Ave.
Murray Hill Dr.
Carolyn Ln.
Maple Ave.
Carriage Ln.
Ashland Ave.
6th St.
Gennessee Ave.

Winslow Twp.
Elsworth Dr.
Elsworth Ct.
Patterson Ln.
Meade Ct.
Madison Ln.
Crawford Dr.
Sherman Ln.
Franklin Ln.
Morris Dr.
Orlando Dr.
Dayton Ct.
Baldwin Dr.
Bassett Ct.
Wilson Dr.
Brearly Dr.
Read Dr.
Rutledge Dr.
Carroll Ct.
Gerry Ln.
Mercer Ln.
Orlando Ct.
Randolph Ln.
Martin Ln.