July 28, 2022

Camden County Mosquito Commission will be conducting ULV “spraying” operations on Thursday July 28, 2022 between the hours of 2am-6am in the following locations, weather permitting:

N. Oakland Ave.
Orchard Ave.
N. Read Ave.
Bowers Ave.
W. 1st Ave.
W. Clements Bridge Rd.
Forrest Ave.
Oak Ave.
Pine Ave.
Stratford Ave.
Davis Rd.
Balsam Ct.
Sheffield Ct.
Sherrington Ln.
Sherry Dr.
Hartford Dr.

Harward Ave.
N. Kirkwood Ave.
Yale Ave.
Central Ave.
Princeton Ave.
Liberty Dr.
Academy Dr.
Saratoga Rd.
Oak Dr.
Oak Ct.

Haddon Heights
Crest Ave.
Chews Landing Rd.
E. High St.
Bradshaw Ave.
1st Ave.
Garden St.

E. Bettlewood Ave.
E. Haddon Ave.
Coldsprings Ave.
E. Beechwood Ave.
Johnson Ave.
Ridgeway Ave.
Washington Ave.
Kendall Blvd.
Eden Ave.
Harding Ave.
Goff Ave.

Wyoming Ave.
W. Graisbury Ave.
Virginia Ave.
Maple Ave.
Creston Ave.
Beloit Ave.

Mt. Ephraim
Jefferson Ave.
Harding Ave.
Roosevelt Ave.
Baird Ave.
Grant Ave.
Linwood Ave.

Gloucester City
Nicholson Rd.
Rutgers Ave.
Jefferson Ave.
Johnson Blvd. Rec Dev.
Gaunt St.
Hudson St.
Brown St.
Paul St.
Warren St.
Salem St.
Linden St.
N. Burlington St.
N. Willow St.
N. Broadway
Middlesex St.
Hudson St.
Ellis St.
Mercer St.
Morris St.
N. Sussex St.
S. Harley Ave.
E. Thompson Ave.
S. Stinson Ave.
S. Burdsall Ave.

Bethal Ave.
Camden Ave.
Jefferson Ave.
Clements Ave.
Sherman Ave.
Harvey Ave.
Collins Ave.
Haddonfield Rd.
Irving Ave.
Colonial Ave.
Morton Ave.
Russell Ave.
Clayton Ave.
Graham St.
Greene Ave.
Oak Terr.