July 15, 2022

Camden County Mosquito Commission will be conducting ULV “spraying” operations on Friday July 15, 2022 between the hours of 2am-6am in the following locations, weather permitting:



Jerome Ave

Cornell Ave

Lehigh Ave

Trinity Ave

Carol Ave

Adrienne Ave

Lake Ave

Indiana Ave

Ohio Ave

Cloverdale Rd

Pennsylvania Ave

New Jersey Ave

Lakeview Ave

Lincoln Ave

Washington Ave

Prospect Ave

Harrison Ave

Church St

Elm Ave

Central Ave


Cedar Grove Dr

Aspen Rd

Innsbruck Dr

Vail Rd

Lake Placid Dr

Gable Ct

Saint Moritz Dr

Breckenridge Dr

Sugar Bush Dr

Kearsley Rd

Blue Spruce Dr

Cedar Grove Dr

Wood Thrush Ave

High Woods Ave

Lamont Ct

Locust Ct

Lawerence Ct

Linden Ct

Lennox Ct

Lehigh Ct

Lerner Ct

Andrews Rd

Erial Rd

Lehigh Manor Dr

Aberdale Ln

Arbor Meadow Dr

Amber Pl

Sickler Ave

Arborwood Ln

Church Rd

Rose Ct

Edgewood Acres 3

Gloucester City

Greenwood Ave

Highland Blvd

Sherwood Ave

Sylvan Ave

Oak Ave

Orlando Ave


Stow Rd

June Rd

River Rd

Union Ave

Bannard Ave

John Tipton Blvd

Barrows Ave

Delaware Ave

Adams Ave

Morgan Ave

Zimmerman Ave

Velde Ave

Derousse Ave


Mechanic Ave

Atlantic Ave

Ferry Ave

Whitman Ave

Lansdowne Ave

Jackson St

4th St

Webster St


Mauriello Dr

Susaun Ln

Goto Ln

Midili Dr

Millis Dr

Maiese Ave

Pump Branch Rd

Benedette Dr

McDough Rd

Ehrke Rd

Waterford Blue Anchor Rd

Lakeview Dr

Seth Dr

Judith Dr

Harvest Ln

Pilgrim Way

Curry Ave

Autumn Crest Dr

Pestleton Rd

Hunters Ln

De Pasquale Cr


Clifford Ave

6th St

Ellwood Ave

5th St

Denver Ave

Raritan Ave

3rd St

4th St

Oak Knoll RD

Atco Ave

Jackson Rd

Shady Ln

Blueberry Dr

Medford Rd

Pinewood Ln

Hillside Dr

Wexford Way

Fernwood Ave

Tremont Ave

Lorkim Ave

Ashland Ave

Lexington Dr


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