August 31, 2022

Camden County Mosquito Commission will be conducting ULV “spraying” operations on Wednesday August 31, 2022 between the hours of 2am-6am in the following locations, weather permitting:

Gloucester Twp.
Lower Lake Dr.
W. Railroad Ave.
W. Central Ave.
Clifton Ave.
SW Ave.
Wilcox Ln.
Pine Ave.
Sofia Dr.
Sofia Ct.
Liberty Dr.
W. Somerdale Rd.
Poplar Terr.
Rex Rd.
McKinley Ave.
Orchard Ave.
Wilson Ave.
Briarwood Dr.
Barbara Pl.
High St.
Wyngate Rd.
Holly Ct.
Cressmont Ave.
Grand Ave.
Drexel Ave.
Hillcrest Ave.
Frankford Ave.
High St.
Fairfax Ave.
Dearborne Ave.
State St.
Lehigh St.
Matthews Ave.
Estelle Ave.
Hortman St.
Black Horse Pike
Cecelia Dr.
Jerome Ave.
Carol Ave.
Cornell Ave.
Lehigh Ave.
Indiana Ave.
Indiana Ct.
Trinity Ave.
Vassar Pl.
Belleview Ave.
Cambridge Ave.
Delaware Ave.
Essex Ave.
Fairmount Ave.
Girard Ave.
Highland Ave.
Jerome Ave.
Kohomo Ave.
Park St.
Lincoln Ave.
Williamstown Erial Rd.
Morgan St.
Sterling St.
Huntington Ave.
Bozarth Ave.
Price Ave.
Austin Ave.
Station Ave.
Woodland Ave.
Main St.
High St.
Oak Ave.

Sunset Dr.
Quail Ridge Rd.
Little Gloucester Rd.
Windmill Dr.
Rainbow Pl.
Erial Rd.
Cedar Creek Dr.
Bull Run Rd.
Stoney Bridge Rd.
Grant Ct.
E. Kennedy Dr.
Grant Dr.
Kennedy Blvd.
Madison Dr.
Hamilton Dr.
Colonial Ct.
W. Kennedy Blvd.

Pine Hill
W. Branch Ave.
Chateau Dr.
Normandy Dr.
Wilson Rd.
Woodland Dr.
Cross Rd.
Woodrow Ave.
Signal Hill Rd.
Ashelman Rd.

Maple Ave.
5th St.
Gennesse Ave.
4th St.
3rd St.
Raritan Ave.
Windsor Dr.
Kingsford Ln.
Ellwood Ave.
1st St.
Old White Horse Pike
Ohio Ave.
Lambert Ave.
Elm Ave.
Merion Ave.
Hendricks Ave.
Atlantic Ave.
Cedar Ave.
Chestnut Ave.
Garfield Ave.
Dale Ave.
Pacific Ave.
Washington Ave.
7th Ave.
Fair Ave.
Ontario Ave.
Tioga Ave.
New Jersey Ave.
Titgen Ave.
Apple St.
Florence Ave.
Camden Ave.
Girard Ave.
Nelson Ave.
Richardson Ave.
Stevens Ave.
12th Ave.
11th Ave.
10th Ave.
9th Ave.
Landing Rd.

Wharton Ave.
Howard Ave.
Verona Ave.
Oxford Ave.
Minerva Ave.
Gilder Ave.
Main Ave.
Oakland Ave.
Terrace Ave.
Myrtle Ln.
W. Elm Ave.
Walnut Ave.
Peartree Ave.
Bittlewood Ave.
Woodcrest Ct.
Wedgewood Ct.
Chestnut Ave.
Evergreen Ave.
Pine Valley Rd.
Springfield Ave.
Tavistock Dr.
Kresson Ct.
Sunflower Ave.
Sharp Ave.