August 30, 2022

Camden County Mosquito Commission will be conducting ULV “spraying” operations on Tuesday August 30, 2022 between the hours of 2am-6am in the following locations, weather permitting:

Franklin Dr.
Hancock Ct.
Franklin Pl.
Alexander Ct.
Somerset Ave.
Ford St.
Hudson Ave.
Essex Ave.
Mercer Ave.
Salem Ave.
Middlesex Ave.
Burlington Ave.
Camden Ave.
Bergen Ave.
Abbey Rd.
Kirkbride Rd.
Winchester Ct.
Spring Dr.
Alyce Ln.
Old Mill Dr.
Stokes Ave.
Milford Circle
Matlack Dr.
Borton Ave.
Commerce St.
Lumber Mill Ln.
Marple Mill Dr.
Hopkins St.
Hillard Dr.
Waterway Ave.
Lynn Ct.
Jillian’s Way
Dutchtown Rd.
Concord Ln.
Montclair Dr.
Woodbrook Rd.
Regency Dr.
Bentley Ct.
Providence Dr.
Whitehall Dr.
Whitehall Ct.
Edelweiss Ln.
Edelweiss Ct.
Alpine Ct.
Walnut Ave.
S. 5th St.
S. 4th St.
Burnt Mill Rd.
Locust Ave.
Spruce Ave.
Pine Ave.
Chestnut Ave.
Spiro Ct.
5th St.
Lucas Ln.
Dunhill Dr.
Chandler Ln.
Turnberry Ct.
Duck Pond Ct.
Carriagebrooke Dr.
Farmhouse Ln.
Horseshoe Dr.

Tansboro Rd.
E. Taunton Rd.
Riggs Ave.
Johnny Boy Ln.
Barnegat Ln.
Senators Way
Truman Rd.

Cherry Hill
E. Partridge Ln.
Brick Rd.
Sudely Green Ct.
Inskeep Ct.
Kingsdale Ave.
Kate Ct.
Todd Ct.
Staffordshire Rd.
Cherrywood Ct.
Kennebec Rd.
Oak Ave.
Ivy Ln.
Silver Hill Rd.
Columbia Blvd.
Christian Ln.
Landover Ln.
Coolidge Rd.
Carol Ct.
Katherine Ave.
Synder Ct.
Poplar Terr.
Poplar Ct.
Cooper Landing Rd.
Maple Terr.
Embassy Dr.
Embassy Ct.
Laurel Terr.
Isaac Ln.
Isaac Ct.
Lloyd Ave.
Hedy Ave.
Maple Ave.
Knollwood Dr.
Glen Ln.
Darby Ln.
Coach Ln.
Eddy Ln.
Forge Ln.
Lafferty Dr.
Lantern Ln.
Knoll Ln.
Jade Ln.
Ivy Ln.
Roosevelt Dr.
Jackson Rd.
Pleasant Dr.
Cransford Rd.
Nature Dr.
Tearose Ln.
Morris Dr.
Junewood Dr.
Lavender Hill Dr.
Country Club Dr.
Country Club CPl.
Downs Dr.
S. Cranford Rd.
Lilac Ln.
Barby Ln.
W. Fireside Ct.
Fireside Ln.
Gatewood Rd.
Dewberry Ln.
Viking Ln.
Chanticleer Dr.
Sycamore Ct.
Waldon Pond Rd.
Waldon Pond Rd.
Sorrel Tree Ct.
Brittany Ct.
Domain Ct.
Thistle Ct.
Longport Ct.
Avalon Lln.
Ventnor Ct.
Firehorn Ct.
Heather Ct.
Reynard Ct.
Cape May Ct.
White Cap Terr.
Stone Harbor Ct.
Cypress Ct.