August 11, 2022

Camden County Mosquito Commission will be conducting ULV “spraying” operations on Thursday August 11, 2022 between the hours of 2am-6am in the following locations, weather permitting:


Lecato Ave

Logan Ave

Haviland Ave

Nicholson Rd

Davis Ave

Barrett Ave

Hood Ave

Merchant Ave

Graisbury Ave

Pine St

3rd Ave

Wyoming Ave

Spruce St

Walnut St

Chestnut St

4th Ave

Atlantic Ave

Maple Ave

Cedarcroft Ave

Edgewood Ave

Audubon Ave

Wyoming Ave

Virginia Ave

Mansion Ave

Oak St


Trenton Ave

Almond Ave

Hazel Ave

Filbert Ave

Atlantic Ave

Laurel Rd

Chestnut Ave

Medical Center Dr

Oxford Ave

Jefferson Ave

Grand AVE

Union Ave

Central Ave

Longwood Dr

Warwick Rd

Evergreen Rd

Winding Way Rd

Robert Rd

Temple Ave

Green Valley Rd

Bonnie Rd

Brynmawr Ave

Bucknell Ave

Duke Ave

Drexel Ave

Temple Ave

College Circle


Pavonia St

2nd St

Hyde Park

Mechanic St

Locust St

Liberty St

Mechanic St

3rd St

4th St

Broadway Tpke

Haddon Heights

High St

2nd Ave

Garden St

1st Ave

Crest Ave

Westminster Ave

Mansfield Ave

Gladstone Ave

Marquis Rd

Queensboro Ln

Station Ave

Hinchman Ave

Chews Landing Rd

Clinton Ave

Pomona Ave

Oak Ave

Farragut Rd

Bellevue Ave


Singley Ave

Andrea Rd

Burt Rd

Williams Ave

Engle Pl

Hirsch Ave

Lakeview Dr

Dettmar Terrace

Central Ave

1st Ave

Simpson Ave


Tavistock Blvd

Copley Pl

Copley Rd

Chesterfield Rd

Oakwood Rd

Wayne Rd

Mercer Dr

Hobart Dr

Warwick Rd


Spruce Ave

Cedar Ave

Maple Ave

Kendall Blvd

Park Ave

Congress Ave

Manor Ave




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